Bairnsdale is a strategically located Racecourse at the heart of a racing community in the town of Bairnsdale, East Gippsland, Victoria. Using the Princess Highway and past several racing communities, it takes about three and half hours of driving to reach the Bairnsdale Racecourse from Melbourne.

Bairnsdale, the city, is the eastern gateway to Mouth Hotham and its significance to the surrounding racing community can never be overrated considering it's located in between Melbourne and the east coast border of New South Wales.

Bairnsdale Racing Club, which was founded in 1862, operates the Bairnsdale Racecourse. The club has presided over racing events in the region for about 150 years. Thus, the Bairnsdale Racing Club stands as one of the oldest in Australia and is a significant member of the entire racing community. Its sustenance stems from support of the local community and region as the club itself operates on a not-for-profit basis, thereby, giving back returns to the community.

Several race meets take place annually at the Bairnsdale Race Club. The races are run over distances ranging from 1000m to 2200m. The track's feature race period is the Bairnsdale Cup Carnival that takes place from October to December. The Bairnsdale Cup Carnival has three feature meetings starting with the Bairnsdale Cup in October, Melbourne Cup Day that runs in November and finally Christmas Cup Day in December.

The Bairnsdale Racecourse has seated at its current location for over 30 years and has recently undergone a strategic renovation. The course proper is 1800m long, has three turns and a 280m home straight. The track has long final straights and well banked turns.

There are well over 20 trainers that operate at the track.

Bairnsdale (BDLE) - VIC

Forge Creek Rd, Bairnsdale Victoria 3875
Club Details:
Bairnsdale Racing Club
PO Box 232, Bairnsdale, VIC 3875
(03) 5152 4057

Bairnsdale Meetings for the Last 12 Months

Bairnsdale hosts no black type races.