Bong Bong

Bong Bong is a small town located in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. A big part of this small town is people's love for horse racing. The Bong Bong Racecourse, under the management of the Bong Bong Race Club situated in Kangaloon Road East Bowral, is a favourite location for locals to meet and relax.

The club was first established in 1886. The club hosts a couple of race events every year but the most famous is the Bong Bong Cup. Back in the 1980's, the cup was considered the largest picnic race meeting in the country. It was during this time that the race crowds were decreasing in numbers at other race tracks but at Bong Bong, they kept increasing to the point that it reached about 35,000.

Due to some behavior issues the meetings were halted, but in 1992 all races were once again revived, albeit following strict crowd control. Track entry was limited to race club members and their specific guests.

The club is indeed very proud that they are one of the most popular clubs in this part of the state. They were the first club in Australia to have races televised in black and white and in color television. They are also the first club to conduct races that are restricted to female riders and they were indeed the first club in New South Wales to reintroduce the hurdle and steeplechase races after World War II.

The Bong Bong Racecourse is a high qaulity track. It's a great country track with a downhill straight. The course has been developed and reconstructed into a professional setting. The friendly and picnic race atmosphere, however, has not been lost.

Bong Bong (BONG) - NSW

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Bong Bong hosts no black type races.