Located in the Palerand Shire in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales lies the town of Braidwood. It is about 200 kilometres south west of the Central Business District of Sydney and approximately 60 kilometers inland from the coast. It is considered a sheep and cattle grazing town with a population of 1,108.

One of the many things that the people in the town love to do is to witness, first hand, some thoroughbred racing action at the Braidwood Racecourse. Operated and managed by the Braidwood Jockey Club, this track is one of the best tracks around the region when it comes to great hospitality.

The club conducts one major racing event each year which is considered one of the greatest events around the south east region of the country. It is commonly known as the 'Girls Day Out', but more formally reffered to as the Braidwood Cup. This meeting is a non-TAB meeting held on a Saturday in the middle of February.

During this day the clubs run an efficient bus service from the city going to the track to aid in the transportation of the spectators, jockeys and trainers who wish to participate in the day. The event usually attracts about 1500 race goers from the town and the surrounding districts. Apart from enjoying the great horse races, the 'fashions on the field' is one event that shouldn't be missed.

The Braidwood Racecourse is a great place for families and friends to enjoy top quality racing and at the same time indulge in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of a country track.

Braidwood (BDWD) - NSW

Club Details:
Braidwood Jockey Club
Kings Highway, Braidwood NSW 2622
(02) 4842 2683

Braidwood Meetings for the Last 12 Months

Braidwood hosts no black type races.