The Canberra Racecourse is located at Randwick Rd, Lyneham ACT 2602 a few kilometres from the heart of the city. Also going by the name Thoroughbred Park, the Canberra Racecourse is one of the most modernised race tracks in Australia and incorporates safety features in its design and construction, hence facilitating high levels of fair competition for all racers.

The race tracks sports two race tracks: the turf course proper and the all-weather action track.

The Canberra Racecourse has world class facilities to cater for social events such as weddings and corporate functions. On top of that, the racetrack offers one of the word's best countryside environments for tranquillity and freedom, a panoramic view and ample parking.

The Canberra Racing Club operates the racecourse and holds several annual meetings at the track. The major annual race events include the Canberra Cup and Black Opal Stakes.

In 2004, the Canberra racecourse underwent an upgrade that saw the incorporation of a new all-weather track (action track). The upgraded racecourse was first used in October, 2005 during the Canberra Cup meeting. The Action track took approxmiately $ 2.25 million to erect and held its first full meeting on Friday May 12, 2006.

The upgraded Action track at the Racecourse is an all-weather Synthetic track while the course proper is a turf track.

The Canberra Racecourse has a circumference of 1815 metres while its home straight is 400 metres long and 25 metres wide. The track is cumbered to 5% on the long turns at both ends.

On a general note, the track is flat and may sometimes pose difficulties when drawn out wide.

Canberra (CANB) - ACT

Postal PO Box 275 Mitchell ACT 2911
Track Details:
Canberra circumference: 1815m
Canberra straight length: 400m
Club Details:
Canberra Racing Club
Randwick Road, Lyneham, ACT 2602
(02) 6204 0000
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