Carinda, the small town that is situated in the far north of New South Wales, is located within the Walgett Shire. It is indeed a very small town with a population of only 194 people.

Like a lot of other country towns, this town is very fond of horse racing events at the Carinda Racecourse. The race track is approximately 430 miles north of Sydney. Its racing events are organised by the Carinda & District Race Club.

Although the track is small, that doesn't mean that they don't hold great thoroughbred racing events. Locals and tourists alike flock to the track on race days. Other than the friendly and warm reception at the club, which includes club amenities and bar facilities, race goers will be entertained with great racing action and other events including fashions on the field.

Race days at the Carinda Racecourse is another way that the locals can gather together and maintain close friendships with each other. At the same time the races are also a fantastic way to meet new people.

Carinda (CRDA) - NSW

Carinda Meetings for the Last 12 Months

Carinda hosts no black type races.