Cheltenham Park

The Cheltenham Park Racecourse was one of the premier race tracks in Australia. It is located in suburban Adelaide, South Australia. It's just 5km away from Port Adelaide and is North West of the city proper. It is very beautiful because of its open spaces, the parks and natural surroundings.

It was back in the year 1921 that the Port Adelaide Racing first began racing thoroughbreds. That same year the club bought the track for 25,000 pounds. However in the year 1975, the South Australian Jockey Club took over the race tracks administration. The tracks' circumference qA 2052 meters with a 325 metre straight. One of the most famous races at this track was during the year 1961, when Tulloch, the first ever Australian horse that was able to pass the $100,000 stakes mark, won the S.J Pullman Stakes.

November 2007 markED the beginning of a new journey for this historical track. The South Australian Jockey Club or the SAJC decided that the racecourse should re-purposed. They sold the land for $85 million. The amount was proposed to be used for a new housing development project. It was also said that the money would be used to help the Victoria Park Racecourse reconstruction. After much discussion the money was then utilized for the Morphettville Racecourse development project.

It was once a racecourse now turned into a housing project. It was reported that it will hold approximately 900 houses. One of the reasons that the chairman of SAJC agreed to the sale is that, he wants to turn a non-productive asset into an investment.

The last race meeting at the race course was held on Saturday February 21, 2009.

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