Considering itself as the 'Gateway to Western District Racing', the Colac Racecourse is located at Colac along the corner of Harris Road & Main Street in Victoria. The track lies 148 Kilometres south west of Melbourne via the Princes Highway. The Colac Turf Club runs the Colac Racecourse and has presided over racing at the track for well over 145 years. In addition to turf racing, the track has facilitated horse training and education since 1862. It continues to attract a huge following and crowd support during racing events. Set up in a rural atmosphere, the Colac Racecourse has three main race days in February, March and December that attract huge crowds. The Colac Gold Cup is a feature event that takes place in February, attracting a huge following across the Western District and the Otways. The Colac Gold Cup was introduced well over 100 years ago.

The Colac Turf Club has upgraded its Racecourse to live up to its legendary status with the putting up of new facilities at the old grand stand. The Colac Racecourse has catering facilities as well as an undercover betting ring. Spectators enjoy a great experience from the track's grassed viewing areas and against the backdrop of trees that provide a cool atmosphere.

1740 metres is the circumference of the Colac Racecourse while its final straight is 350 metres long. The track's construction features a long and steady slope starting from the back straight before a downhill stretch around the turn right into the final straight.

The Colac Racecourse is grassed with Victorian and New Zealand Rye. It also boasts a loam soil surface.

Colac (CLAC) - VIC

Club Details:
Colac Turf Club
38 Colac-Lavers Hill Rd, Colac VIC 3250
(03) 5231 5611

Colac hosts no black type races.