Fannie Bay

Also known as the Darwin Racecourse, the Fannie Bay Racecourse is situated in Fannie Bay about 10 min drive from Darwin Airport. From the Darwin CDB, the Racecourse is just 7 mins away. The track's establishment was marked with pomp and ceremony in May 1995. The Darwin Turf Club operates the Fanny Bay Racecourse.

Several race meetings take place at Fannie Bay every year and those include the Darwin Cup that is held in early August. Throughout the month of July, the Darwin Cup Carnival features a number of race meets that take place every Saturday and some Wednesdays, making it a fantastic racing venue.

The circumference of the Fannie Bay Racecourse is 1780 metres while its home straight is 340 metres long and 15 metres wide throughout. The track is unique as compared with others in the southern region as it has an oil-mixed sand track. Traditionally, race tracks have a turf overlay.

The Fannie Bay Racecourse has its only starting chute for the 1300-metre-race. The oval-shaped track has a number of racing starts and facilitates the taking place of races between 900 metres and 2000 metres long.

Of all the race distances at the Fannie Bay track, the 1300 metre has the longest straight as measured from the starting barriers at 560 metres. The shortest straight is 90 metres long and is for the 1800-metre race.

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Fannie Bay Meetings for the Last 12 Months

Fannie Bay hosts no black type races.