About 80 km south west of Melbourne City and about 4 km south of Geelong, the regional city, is where the Geelong Racecourse is currently located. With 2,043m track circumference and a 400m home straight, all races at this track - which is a perfect oval shape - are run in an anti-clockwise direction. The track was changed from grass to synthetic to be able to accommodate racing in all weather conditions. Plus the large style layout of the course is famous due to the fact that it a fair track and gives equal opportunity to every horse to win the race.

In 1908, the Geelong Racecourse was opened with its very own railway station. This makes it very accessible to those who would like to watch a great racing event. Currently the track is under the management of the Geelong Racing Club that was formed in the year 1866.

The Club normally hold 35 race meetings every year. One of the most famous races held at this track is the Geelong Cup. This is a Group 3 2400m race, held every Victorian Spring Carnival and is classified as one of the best form lines for the Melbourne Cup. This race was first held in 1872 by the Geelong Racing Club. Now it is held every fourth Wednesday of October. The winner of this Cup automatically qualifies for the Melbourne Cup.

The Geelong Racecourse also has a synthetic track with an 1858m circumference and 332m home straight which is 16m wide. Both tracks are spacious circuits that consist of long straights and wide sweeping turns. It is also an excellent wet weather racing track. There are currently several upgrades being undertaken at the track and facilities around it such as the construction of a third grandstand.

Geelong (GEEL) - VIC

Track Details:
Geelong circumference: 2043m
Geelong straight length: 400m
Club Details:
Geelong Racing Club
99 Breakwater Road, Breakwater, VIC 3219
(03) 5229 4414

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