The city of Griffith is located in the south western part of the New South Wales. Its about 803 kilometres from Adelaide, 512 kilometres from Melbourne and 358 kilometres away from Canberra.

It was named after the first minister of the Public Works in New South Wales, Sir Arthur Griffith. It was proclaimed as a city in 1987. Based on the recent census of the city, it has a current population of 16,182.

The city of Griffith has a lot of tourist attraction which includes the Pioneer Park, a Regional Theatre, the Griffith Regional Art Gallery, an Italian museum and some antique shops. The city is also known for its fortified wine. Other than these tourist attractions Griffith also has a racecourse that horse racing fanatics love to visit on race days.

Griffith Racecourse is a country track and is located about 125 miles from Albury. The racecourse is under the management of the Griffith Jockey Club. The Club hosts about 3 meetings every year, although historically there were more than 3 events. The feature event is the Easter Cup. On top of the races held at this track, race goers also look forward to fashions on the field.

Club facilities available during race days include the bar, bookmakers and catering rooms that both club members and public spectators can enjoy throughout the day.

Griffith race track has a picnic atmosphere that people enjoy. The friendly environment of the track is one of the things that race goers love about the city. It is why there are a lot of punters who make a point to visit the track on race day.

Griffith (GRIF) - NSW

Club Details:

Rememberance Driveway, Griffith, NSW, 2680
(04) 0797 3170

Griffith Meetings for the Last 12 Months

Griffith hosts no black type races.