The thing that makes the Kilmore Racecourse well known is the

fact that it is surrounded by beautiful Victorian bush land.

Amazing garden landscape also lies around the track. It is

approximately about 46km from the Tullamarine Airport

and 50 minutes travel time from the Melbourne CBD. The track is

considered one of the toughest layouts when it comes to racing in Australia. The course circumference of 1,735m and a straight uphill of 320m,

challenge both the horse and even the best jockeys. The

track's width is approximately 20m while the radius of turns is 85m.

The soil in the track is light loam, the track surface is granit

sand which is well drained and is, in fact, a good surface for

racing during the winter.

Every year, approximately 45 to 50 race meets are being held

at this racecourse. 15 runners is usually the limit of starters

in each race. The venue is also popular because of its other

amenities such as the trackside bistro and the TAB. The TAB

is actually a place where punters can watch and hear their

bets flying past the winning post. The Kilmore Cup is conducted

once a year during February usually on a

Sunday. Another cup held at this racecourse is the Kilmore

Pacing Cup which was first run in 1964 and is now considered

as one of Australia's premier cups.

The racecourse is under the care of the Kilmore

Racing Club which was also called the Kilmore Trotting Club

previously. The club has function rooms that hold an

uninterrupted view of the racecourse and the bush land

surrounding the tracks as well.

New upgrades are being added every year to be able to fully accommodate the needs of the patrons at the race track.

Kilmore (KILM) - VIC

Club Details:
Kilmore Racing Club
East St, Kilmore VIC 3764
(03) 5783 0700

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