Located at Racecourse Road, Leeton, NSW, the Leeton Racecourse is the headquarters of the Leeton Jockey Club. The Racecourse reserve holds TAB and picnic events during the racing season.

The Leeton Racecourse Reserve has grassed amenities that are extensive enough to facilitate various community events throughout the year. The activities include model air craft flying.

1600 metres is the circumference of the Leeton Racecourse while its final straight is 380 metres long. The track has tight turns where the inside barriers provided an advantage to most racers.

Leeton (LEET) - NSW

Club Details:
Leeton Jockey Club
Racecourse Road, Leeton NSW 2705
(04) 2853 4686

Leeton Meetings for the Last 12 Months

Leeton hosts no black type races.