Sitting within clear view of the Baw Baw mountains and in the stunning Valley of the Latrobe, the Moe Racecourse is strategically located about 137 kilometers from the east of the city of Melbourne. Lined with dazzling gardens and lawns that allow the patrons - both members and the public - to appreciate the picturesque view that is surrounding the track. The track is fully irrigated, well grassed and considered a well drained track mostly because of its sand construction. it is acknowledge as one of the best places to have a fun social event.

The course has facilities and accommodation that can be compared to a metropolitan venue. The track is a diamond shape with a 1,740m circumference that has an uphill run on the back straight and is considered as a bit of a challenge for horses. However when they reach the home straight that is 300m long, things will get a bit easier since there is a downhill run past the finishing post and the grandstand. The Turf Side Function Room is the tracks main function center.

The track is under the operation of the Moe Racing Club. The club holds around 15 race meeting events each year throughout the racing season. The Moe Cup is one of the biggest race meetings in Gippsland considering both the prize money involved and the people in attendance. Due to its importance to the people of Moe, Latrobe City declared every Moe Cup Thursday a half day holiday. The race is run every October and never fails to draw crowds from all over Victoria. This includes visitors, jockeys, trainers, horse owners and fans of horse racing in general.

Moe (MOE) - VIC

Track Details:
Moe circumference: 1740m
Moe straight length: 300m
Club Details:
Moe Racing Club
Moe Vic 3825
(03) 5120 1375

Moe Meetings for the Last 12 Months

Moe hosts no black type races.