Seymour Racing Club manages the Seymour Racecourse and hosts about 20 racing events each year. In fact, all are considered much awaited events and are all known to be very successful meets. The two feature races are the Seymour Cup that is held every October and the Seymour Vase held during August.

Another thing that the club is very proud of is the course facilities that have improved over the duration of their management. This includes modern day Conference and Function centers that can hold different events and with which has a perfect picturesque view of the course and its surrounding area. Then there is a permanent playground specifically built for children and catering facilities for the race goers.

Details of the tracks includes: 1800m circumference with a 380m home straight. The width of the track measures approximately 20m. The track can cater 14 runners up until the 1300m mark and about 15 beyond that distance. It is able to accommodate races in all weather conditions because of its sandy loam soil which provides an all weather grass track. The racecourse has eight race distances that begin with 1000m up until 2200m.

The track is about 100 kilometres from the Central Business District of the City of Melbourne and lies within the agricultural town of Seymour. It is highly convenient to all race goers since the track can be accessed by either road or rail. If one plans to witness first hand thoroughbred racing events then Seymour is the perfect destination to head too.

Other than hosting prestigious racing events, the Seymour Racecourse is also known to accommodate various functions and events that can be held in the function and conference rooms.

Seymour (SEYM) - VIC

Track Details:
Seymour circumference: 1800m
Seymour straight length: 380m
Club Details:
Seymour Racing Club
55 Kobyboyn Rd, Seymour, VIC 3660
(03) 5799 1681

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