The Warrnambool Racecourse is situated in the eastern outskirts on Grafton Road, Warrnambool. It is also on the western end of The Great Ocean Road and is 260 kilometres away from the central business district of the city of Melbourne. With the picturesque valley set as a natural viewing platform it provides a friendly and homey environment for the spectators plus the hills gives the audience a perfect view of the racing action happening at the race track.

The first ever meeting held at this course was wau back in 1858. It is also a known fact that the course and the club handling it, which is the Warrnambool Racing Club with its almost 160 year history, is and will always remain as the jewel in the Country Racing Victoria crown.

A whopping 2,100m track circumference plus a 350m long home straight are the key feature of the track. An off course track joins the course proper that is used specially for the steeplechase event. This results in a 5,500m long track that includes 33 fences. It is actually considered one of the best jumps tracks in the world. The track also consist of long sweeping turns with a large course width giving the participants a more competitive racing experience and an even chance of becoming the victor.

Normally the Warrnambool Racing Club holds about 20 race events every season with feature racing held in spring, summer and autumn. The May Carnival that is held the first week of May is by far the most famous of race events at this racecourse. It attracts approximately 35,000 spectators who like to witness high class thoroughbred racing. The main highlight of this May Carnival is the Grand Annual Steeplechase at 5500m and the Warrnambool Cup at 2350m.

Warrnambool (WNBL) - VIC

Track Details:
Warrnambool circumference: 2100m
Warrnambool straight length: 350m
Club Details:
Warrnambool Racing Club
Grafton Rd, Warrnambool VIC 3280
(03) 5562 2211

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