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Is the horse improving.....see "DETANGO"

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In=form jockeys preferred.

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Is the horse improving.....see "DETANGO"



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Beware J.Mac…...and G. Colless

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22 from 24 have placed

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26 from 33

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11 from 12

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Race Sectional Time / Class (Weight) Relationship

A follow-up to my earlier article on Race Time Versus Class.

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17 September 2015 02:00
Gunner78 posted this comment 1/21/2019 12:17:08 AM

hi is there anyway in the systems builder under the ratings filter you can add class price and time price?

Race Time / Class (Weight) Relationship

There are two main schools of thought with regard to performance rating of thoroughbred horse races.

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10 September 2015 02:00
paisiosv posted this comment 9/19/2017 7:30:44 AM

OMG, that is bang on "Race Time / Class (Weight) Interplay",Ive been using a very similar system with few other factors...It does work and you will get plently of long shots with favs..

adamalexander posted this comment 3/19/2018 12:10:22 AM

1.000 Kg = 1.000 Length over 1400m. All distances are derivatives of this, extremely thoroughly calculated formula.

Optimal Race Pace Strategy

Various studies have shown that there is an optimal race pace strategy which will yield the best possible overall performance in competition.

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24 August 2015 12:00
zap109 posted this comment 12/23/2016 7:07:42 AM

Excellent piece of research Shane, its the first time I have seen that laid out and yes it comes in at about what you would guess to be true, although a cracking first 600 doesn't seem to take its toll to the extent you would think huh.

Will check the references.

Charlie and The Quadinator

Charlie has transformed the Tipdroid/Laydroid/Placedroid into something entirely new.

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13 April 2015 01:00
catoutahell posted this comment 4/25/2016 9:30:56 PM

hi,where will i find these piks,and wat will they cost.
regards david

Tee Tee posted this comment 2/13/2018 11:21:12 AM

Looking Looking not finding

Horse Racing Betting Around The World

A look at some of the most popular horse races from around the world.

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25 February 2015 12:00
Formulator posted this comment 2/26/2015 4:37:46 AM

Quite an interesting read, if not an entirely accurate one. Firstly there was a notable omission in regards to the "United Kingdom" article with that of the most famous and prestigious race of them all ... "The Derby". Also known and referred to as the Epsom Derby or Derby Stakes. A race held in the month of June over the classic distance of a mile and a half for three-year old Colts and Fillies, and is effectively Britain's richest horse race.
As far as the "Australia" article is concerned, there was a glaring error in describing the Melbourne Cup as a "race for three-year olds", when as race fans we all know (or should know) the event is open to horses aged three years old and over. Maybe the writer of this article got muddled up with the classic Victoria Derby, a race for three-year olds staged during the Melbourne Cup carnival, or possibly simply omitted the words "and over" from his text ?.

Sectional Time Accuracy Explained

An explanation of our sectional timing methods including their pros and cons. 

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20 February 2015 12:00

Apollo Stakes Preview

A preview of  tomorrow's Apollo Stakes by Andrew Capelin of ACMarkets ( Written for Scott Ferguson's "Sport is made for betting" blog.

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13 February 2015 06:00
wallist posted this comment 2/15/2015 9:17:18 AM

Nailed it.

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Latest Updates

Flemington Carnival System Competition Winners

With more than $1500 worth of access to our sectional data up for grabs, some of Punting Form's best system builders entered our Flemington Carnival contest aiming to have the most profitable system for one or more of the three staking types: Flat, Proportional and Kelly.

After naming some systems as "Honourable Mentions" on social media throughout the day, it's now time to announce the winning systems.


The Kelly Criterion

Formulator's system FC MARVELOUS MALES was the most profitable "Kelly" system over the week of the carnival, yielding a 126% profit on turnover or a total of $513.79 profit based on the default bank size. Under Kelly staking rules, it would have given you 4 winners from 18 bets. The system also came in second for Flat staking with a PoT of 58.2% and a total profit of $785 from $50 bets.

For taking out the "Kelly" category, Formulator has won himself two months of free access to Sectional Pro Form, which is valued at $528.


Flat and Proportional

The other two staking categories were won by the same system, the imaginatively named FC 1 by ProPunter. With 15 winners from 56 hits, FC 1 delivered a 28.6% profit on turnover for Flat staking, which would have yielded an $800 profit from $50 bets, just edging out Formulator's system by $15.

For Proportional betting, the profit on turnover was 24.8% and the total profit was $197.10 if betting to win $50 on each runner. This was enough for a narrow $12.58 margin over the 2nd best proportional system (another Formulator creation).

With wins in both categories, ProPunter has earned four months of free SPF access, valued at $1056.

Congratulations to both of our winners!

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10 November 2015 07:00
ProPunter posted this comment 11/10/2015 11:53:39 AM

Thanks guys.

Formulator posted this comment 11/10/2015 9:37:41 PM

Cheers for that....

Regarding my "FC MARKET FANCIES" system... This will be left open to the public as it's suitable to be utilised throughout the year and not just the major races ... Thanks!

Flemington Carnival Competition

The Flemington Carnival is only 8 days away and Punting Form is offering prizes for the members who can create the most profitable systems that cover the following meetings: Victoria Derby Day (October 31st), Melbourne Cup Day (November 3rd), Oaks Day (November 5th) and Stakes Day (November 7th).

The systems that finish with the most total profit for each of the three staking methods (flat, proportional, Kelly) over the Flemington Carnival will receive 2 months access to Sectional Pro Form (which includes the Pro Form product and Quick Meeting Guides with ratings for every meeting in Australia). That means by sweeping all three categories, you could win a total of 6 months of free access valued at over $1500!

To be eligible to win:

- your system must have been created between October 23rd and October 30th

- it must be restricted to runners at Flemington only (use the track filter)

- the name of the system should begin with the letters FC

- you must create no more than three systems for the competition

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23 October 2015 01:00
Formulator posted this comment 10/30/2015 10:36:10 AM

Trio of systems created for the competition by Formulator are as follows ...




pie2251 posted this comment 11/9/2015 7:46:59 AM

Well Done Propunter X2 And Formulator.

Free Ratings for Cox Plate Day

Punting Form are giving away our ratings for Saturday's meeting at Moonee Valley, including the three million dollar Cox Plate. Our Quick Meeting Guide shows the top four ranked runners in each of five categories: Neural, Class/Weight, Race Time, Sectional Time and an overall Punting Form score that encompasses the other four.

These ratings have a proven track record over several years and can provide an edge based on information that is not available elsewhere. You can read more about the ratings here. The ratings are updated whenever there are scratchings or changes to track conditions, so be sure to check them as close to race time as possible. Click on the link below to see the ratings for this week.

Ratings for Moonee Valley - October 24, 2015.


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23 October 2015 01:00

Systems Archive

We have just completed an archive of private systems that have not been subscribed to this year.

If you have a system that you want back drop a line to with your PF username and we will restore them for you.

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1 September 2015 12:00
Antz posted this comment 9/1/2015 6:28:42 AM

Last few days, only lossing selections are added to all system results, winning selections are not added to system results, even tho they are showing up in recent winners section.

Formulator posted this comment 9/1/2015 10:28:09 PM

Was there a particular reason why unsubscribed private systems were removed from Members accounts ?. I personally had a number of systems which were "work in progress" and a number of these will now be lost to me after having spent a great deal of time and effort on them... no doubt other members will be similarly effected as well.
I must say archiving of private systems is likely to of made a disincentive towards creating systems if they could simply be removed by PF at any time without due notice to those concerned.

Punting Form posted this comment 9/2/2015 4:49:27 AM

Hi guys,

All system results should be up-to-date after last night's run.

Old private systems have been archived so that we can get through a stats rebuild for all systems overnight.

If anyone has a system that has been archived that you want back please contact and it will be reinstated.

pie2251 posted this comment 9/2/2015 11:02:57 PM

How About You Put Them All Back And We Will Decide What We Don't Want.

Dang Tran 2 posted this comment 10/1/2015 8:51:49 AM


Mobile-friendly Site Update

Over the last few days, we have been updating the website to make it more mobile-friendly. These changes may cause some display issues which can be rectified by clearing your web browser's cache. Holding the Control key and pressing F5 can usually achieve this, but if not here are links to the instructions for some of the most popular browsers:



Internet Explorer


If you have any issues, email us at and we'll help you through it. We hope you enjoy the improved look and functionality of the site on your mobile device.

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22 July 2015 05:00
pie2251 posted this comment 7/25/2015 9:52:06 PM

Adding A Horse To Bet Sheet Hangs.

puntingform posted this comment 7/26/2015 5:25:40 AM

Hi pie2251,

Is this still an issue for you? I've tested that on my own phone and it seems to be working okay. If it's still not working for you, please email and we'll get to the bottom of it.

pie2251 posted this comment 8/7/2015 1:50:47 AM

Problem Solved, Now Working Fine
Thank You

May's Top Systems

We're taking a look at the top performing systems and the most successful system builders for the month of May, 2015. In order to be considered, a system must have been created before May 1st, 2015.

Biggest Single Winner - Hey Murri (Toowoomba, Race 7, 23rd May) - $101.10

Five systems picked Hey Murri, three of them created by Formulator. It helped The - $harpener$ to the highest return on investment of any system (using flat staking) in May. 16 winners from 132 hits for the month would have almost doubled your money. However, April was a tough month for the system and it still has a bit to prove.

More Bang For Your Buck only had two winners for the month and needed Hey Murri to get it into the positive for May. Even that big winner wasn't quite enough to get it into the black since creation although it has been slightly profitable with proportional betting. The other Formulator system that picked Hey Murri will be discussed below.

Neither of the two non-Formulator systems that picked Hey Murri has shown a consistent ability to get those kinds of winners. SKEvans' Cash Cow is slightly in the red no matter how you might have staked with it, while symorg's Perfecto would have made you a small profit if you'd been flat betting on it since creation thanks to Hey Murri. Both systems would have been marginally profitable in May even without their big winner, but we need to see more from them.

More Hits Than Misses

Three systems had a strike rate of more than 50% from 10 or more runners in May. thebaldman's Amazing Maidens scored on 7 out of 10 short priced runners to deliver a 21% return on investment for the month. It's the 2nd straight profitable month after a poor start to the year and the system is at 6% profit on 80 runners since creation.

Another thebaldman system, Fav game, hit on 17 of 33 selections in May which would have more than tripled your money if you'd flat staked on it all month. This system has been around for about 18 months and this is the first time it's trended in an upward direction, so it will need a few more months like this to really impress.

39% win is a system from eibecka, who had another system just below 50% for May as well which is named 79% place. The numbers have changed a bit since these systems were named but in May 39% win won with 7 of 12 runners to take it's strike rate since creation to 34%. 79% place had 7 winners and 12 placings from 15 May runners.


Males in Blinkers - selection didn't quite match a couple of its Formulator stablemates this month for total returns, but it was another to pick Hey Murri and has been showing steady profits for more than a year now with runners from all over the price spectrum. For May, it had 19 winners from 136 hits which was enough for a 60% profit for the month. Since creation, it has picked winners with 13.4% of its selections and returned a 15% profit with flat staking, putting it on top of the flat staking table for ROI. It's had even higher profitability using the Kelly criterion.

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1 June 2015 05:00
Formulator posted this comment 6/2/2015 2:07:58 AM

Thanks for your write-up of the performances of a few of my systems during May Tim ... as well as awarding one of them"System Of The Month" . I hope this (System Of The Month) aspect becomes a regular feature in future months..

pie2251 posted this comment 7/5/2015 9:49:27 AM

Think We Are In The July Now.
Who Is Steering This Ghostship ?

puntingform posted this comment 7/8/2015 1:02:59 AM

We've been busy revamping the entire site but a June system review will be up in the next few days.

Hot Systems (28/1 to 28/4)

A look at the Top Public Systems list can, of course, be very informative when you're deciding on a system to follow. Viewing performance since creation can let you know which systems have been the most successful over the long haul, while viewing performance over the last 3 months can alert you to "hot" systems which may be currently outperforming some of the successful older ones. However, the last 3 months performance can be misleading if the system was created less than 3 months ago. Sometimes a system is built on a strong historical record but then fails as a predictive tool.

Today, we're taking a quick look at the top seven most profitable systems from the last three months (based on proportional staking) which have been available as public systems for the entire period. All of these systems would have produced a profit of at least $400 if you were betting to win $50 on each runner.

1. q (piratebird)

This humbly named system was only a few weeks old three months ago, so its "career" numbers are similar to the three month statistics. It's been running at a 19.9% strike rate since January 28th which has resulted in a profit on turnover of 23.05%. It has multiple runners every day and has produced winners as high as $20.

2. $hort 'n' $weet (Formulator)

Born in late 2013, this system has been only marginally profitable at about 1.4% PoT but has a solid strike rate of 38%. The last three months have been going at 41.6% win rate and in that time the profit has increased to 10.1%. It has picked 18 winners out of its last 26 hits and is possibly the hottest system of the last fortnight.

3. Favourites Of The Country (Formulator)

Dating from mid-December, its had a strike rate of 33.2% and a PoT of 2.31% since creation. Over the last three months, these numbers have improved to 35.4% wins and 10.53% profit. It had five winners out of its seven runners last weekend.

4. At Threes and Fours (thebaldman)

Active since October 2014, it's got a 23.5% strike rate and just over 3% profit on turnover but in the last three months, it's been running at better than 24% wins and 14.13% PoT. Between Monday and Thursday last week, it picked four winners out of five (with the only loser running 2nd).

5. Massive Wins & Places (thebaldman)

Another hot one from thebaldman, dating from around the same time, it's had a modest 5.7% strike rate and is marginally in the red since creation. Over the last three months, it's upped the win rate to 7.2% which has resulted in a huge leap to 23.64% PoT. It's on a long streak of outs at the moment, but with a high dividend of almost $90 it can afford a few misses between the hits.

6. Leader Of The Pack (pie2251)

Three months ago, this system was already a year old and its yielded a solid 16.36% PoT from its 23.5% strike rate since creation. Over the last three months, those numbers have improved to a massive 40.39% PoT and 28.8% wins. While the average dividend is a modest $3.98, it has had winners over $20 mixed in with the shorter priced runners.

7. James McDonald (Tylendale)

Almost six months old, this system started slowly but had the highest PoT of any system over February and March. The only reason it hasn't been as profitable as the systems above is its relatively low number of runners. It's had 81 hits since January 28th, 23.5% of them winners. A high average dividend of $6.71 has resulted in better than 53% profit on turnover.

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28 April 2015 10:15

Builder Spotlight - Brystar

On Punting Form's Top Public Systems list, there is a system that has been in or near the top spot for several months when the systems are sorted for proportional staking since creation. MagicalSwoopers is now almost a year old and is approaching $2000 in profits (betting to win $50 on each runner). It's the most successful system for one of our most successful builders, Brystar.

Brystar has a couple of dozen systems that are currently making a profit and we're going to be taking a look at a few of the best ones.



As mentioned above, this system is first overall when it comes to profits on proportional staking since system creation. An excellent strike rate of 31.4% while still coming up with winners that pay double figures (high of $13.90) makes MagicalSwoopers very popular with our users. It has a profit on turnover of 13.4% with proportional staking and is only slightly lower using flat staking at 11.8%.



This system is now about 10 months old and a flat bet on each of its runners would have yielded a 4.1% profit up to this point. With a strike rate of just 12.6%, it relies on big dividends to be profitable and has an average of $8.24. It quite often greatly exceeds that number and it's highest payer was at $118.30. If you use the Kelly criterion to determine your stakes, this is one of the top 5 systems for profitabiiity at 14% of turnover.



This is a system that had a terrific start after its creation, but it has levelled off somewhat since then. It remains profitable as a flat staking system with a strike rate of 19.4% and an average dividend of $5.23 (high of $31) but we'd like to see this one get back to its early form after a rough start to 2015. It finds plenty of runners and is still a good choice if you're one who likes to analyse the runners for yourself rather than just blindly take a system's word for it.



With just 11 wins from 546 hits in its 9 months of existence, this one might appear to be a disaster at first glance. But with an average dividend of $56.25 and a high of $101, its managing a 13.3% profit on turnover using flat staking. It's most recent winner would have paid $4,165 on a $50 bet, which makes the 37 straight misses since then easier to take. And the next big hit might be just around the corner.


Brystar has dozens more systems to look through, including many that are race specific, and more are being created all the time. To check out his full range, go to the Systems Dashboard, select the Search tab, then enter Brystar in the System Creator field and click the Search button.

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13 March 2015 10:00

Free Ratings for Lightning Stakes Day!

Free Flemington Ratings

Our ratings are based on our unique sectional data and have a proven track record over many years, giving an edge that could make all the difference. 

Our Quick Guide for tomorrow's meeting reveals the top four horses for each race in five different categories (neural price, class rating, sectional time, race time and PF score). Explanations of these five categories can be found here and the ratings will be updated on race day, so remember to check back here in the morning. Best of luck!

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20 February 2015 05:00

Builder Spotlight - Formulator

Over the next few weeks, we're going to be taking a closer look at some of our best system creators and seeing which of their systems are hot and which systems have proven themselves over the long haul. To open the series, we're putting Formulator under the spotlight.

One of Punting Form's most successful system builders, Formulator has over 40 profitable systems for subscribers to choose from and his name is a familiar fixture of the Top Public Systems list. He has systems that produce dozens of runners every week and he's also known for coming up with race specific systems that serve their purpose in a single day.

Mega Pot (Full Field Version)

This one has been producing consistent winners for almost two years now and ranks as the 2nd most profitable system ever using a proportional staking method. If you were betting to win $50 on every horse that this system has suggested since it was created, then you'd be $1,343.74 wealthier today. It's yielded a 7.9% profit on turnover from 2608 runners in its 22 months of existence and has at least a couple of picks for its subscribers every day. 

TIME FACTORS (2014 Update)

If you prefer flat staking, then this system is definitely one to follow. A little over 8 months old, it's the 3rd most profitable flat staking plan since creation and would have increased your bank by $941 if you'd put $5 on each of its runners over that time. Like Mega Pot, the strike rate is not high (8.9%), but it often finds winners paying double figures. A fortnight ago, it had an $82 winner in Hobart which was a new high for the system.

Price For Profit

For those Kelly stakers out there, this sytem is number 2 since creation on that list. It's about 7 months old and has delivered a 114.8% profit on turnover using the Kelly criterion. The system focuses on trainer Mick Price and has been quiet for the past month, but you can expect the number of runners to start picking up again soon.

Home Boys (2014 Update)

When it comes to strike rate, this is Formulator's best system with over 40% of its picks coming up winners. In 8 months since creation it's correctly tipped 132 times from 326 attempts and if you'd been betting to win $50 each tme, you'd be $1,172.34 better off today. With an average dividend of $2.61 and a high of $5, this is one for those punters that like to back the favourite.


There are dozens more Formulator systems that are worth a look and new ones being built all the time. To check out his full range, go to the Systems Dashboard, select the Search tab, then enter Formulator in the System Creator field and click the Search button.

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20 February 2015 01:00
Formulator posted this comment 2/20/2015 3:55:53 AM

Thanks for the great right-up Tim... much appreciated!.
For Members interested in more recent performances. Please check out my "Wide Winners", "Fortunistic Opportunities" and "Winners 'a' Plenty"... all of which taking up the top 3 positions on the "Last 3 Months" Time Period table. Also for those interested in Lay betting and are prepared to put in the sheer time and effort. Please take a look at my *MAXI-LAY* system which although is still less than a year old, is going along just as intended, and is now hovering around the minus - $500k mark, and could possibly achieve the minus - $1 Million figure around this time next year ...

see more


ST.JAYDEE 4/13/2019 3:36:24 PM

Apprentice filter broken

pie2251 4/12/2019 11:15:39 AM

Bragging Your Systems

ST.JAYDEE 3/16/2019 11:05:33 AM

"Bets Sheets" and "Today's Bet Sheet" missing qualifiers?

puntingform 3/13/2019 2:32:30 PM

Odds errors on favourites

puntingform 3/13/2019 2:25:04 PM

Change from > to < ,or a range?

gorilla 3/7/2019 10:28:55 AM

Incorrect/missing info

puntingform 3/5/2019 6:53:59 AM

New System Criteria – Any Updates?

puntingform 3/4/2019 9:24:15 PM

Kangaroo Island Races?

Chairman Chow 2/16/2019 11:15:54 PM

New Suggestion for Time Period Top Public Systems: “Last 3 Months” and “Since Creation” combined

boagesmalone 1/20/2019 2:03:09 PM

With regards Singapore dividends and system results.

pie2251 1/10/2019 1:16:51 PM

Forum will be 'locked' for public (or registered user) comment

pie2251 1/10/2019 1:16:34 PM

Systems Singapore SP Update

Punting Form 12/11/2018 10:32:50 AM

Singapore Sling Results a data error?

boagesmalone 12/7/2018 12:25:07 PM

Systems Not Updating

adamalexander 12/5/2018 1:57:26 PM

Systems Parameters NOT Working

puntingform 12/2/2018 5:29:56 PM

singapore systems

thepuss 11/23/2018 8:01:05 AM

singapore special

boagesmalone 11/22/2018 8:15:07 PM

Crashed ?

puntingform 11/13/2018 4:09:56 PM


puntingform 11/13/2018 4:02:43 PM

Recent Winners

Date Horse Price System
18/04 1-Regal Toff (NCLE) $26.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 1-Regal Toff (NCLE) $26.00 Nick Olive
18/04 11-Lucky Connection (TOWN) $21.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 9-Real Key (ALB) $21.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 9-Elzinga (BLLA) $21.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 11-Lucky Connection (TOWN) $21.00 MoodysMonster
18/04 9-Real Key (ALB) $21.00 Nick Olive
18/04 6-Warset (NCLE) $15.00 Nick Olive
18/04 6-Warset (NCLE) $15.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 7-Miss France (BLLA) $14.00 moneybags
18/04 7-Miss France (BLLA) $14.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 7-Miss France (BLLA) $14.00 Copy of D B Hayes
18/04 7-Miss France (BLLA) $14.00 Barrier 1
18/04 7-Miss France (BLLA) $14.00 COUNTRY RIDE
18/04 7-Miss France (BLLA) $14.00 *BOOKIE BASHERS*
18/04 7-Miss France (BLLA) $14.00 Nick Olive
18/04 7-Miss France (BLLA) $14.00 Mid Price
18/04 7-Miss France (BLLA) $14.00 Switch On
18/04 3-Buxton (TOWN) $11.00 Simon Miller
18/04 3-Buxton (TOWN) $11.00 Nick Olive
18/04 3-Buxton (TOWN) $11.00 The Peter Moody Special
18/04 3-Buxton (TOWN) $11.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 10-Noble Squaw (TOWN) $10.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 6-Poleaxed (PAKM) $10.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 6-Poleaxed (PAKM) $10.00 q
18/04 3-Undoubtable Miss (PAKM) $10.00 Nick Olive
18/04 6-Poleaxed (PAKM) $10.00 Barrier 1
18/04 6-Poleaxed (PAKM) $10.00 MoodysMonster
18/04 10-Noble Squaw (TOWN) $10.00 Nick Olive
18/04 3-Undoubtable Miss (PAKM) $10.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 6-Poleaxed (PAKM) $10.00 Nick Olive
18/04 3-Undoubtable Miss (PAKM) $10.00 WeekdayJC
18/04 6-Poleaxed (PAKM) $10.00 Copy of D B Hayes
18/04 3-Undoubtable Miss (PAKM) $10.00 KOOL FILLIES AND MARES
18/04 6-Poleaxed (PAKM) $10.00 Edge Betting Maidens
18/04 12-Liberty Boy (ALB) $9.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 12-Liberty Boy (ALB) $9.00 Last Start Position 2
18/04 2-Stardome (NCLE) $8.00 REFRESHED
18/04 3-Time And Truth (NGIN) $8.00 Nick Olive
18/04 2-Aunty Pugs (NCLE) $8.00 Edmund 1
18/04 3-Time And Truth (NGIN) $8.00 MoodysMonster
18/04 2-Stardome (NCLE) $8.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 6-Hurry Up Harry (ALB) $8.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 2-Aunty Pugs (NCLE) $8.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 6-Hurry Up Harry (ALB) $8.00 Aussie Settlers
18/04 3-Time And Truth (NGIN) $8.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 2-Aunty Pugs (NCLE) $8.00 Wall to Waller
18/04 3-Time And Truth (NGIN) $8.00 Wall to Waller
18/04 2-Aunty Pugs (NCLE) $8.00 Barrier 1
18/04 6-Hurry Up Harry (ALB) $8.00 CASHCADES
18/04 2-Stardome (NCLE) $8.00 Nick Olive
18/04 2-Aunty Pugs (NCLE) $8.00 Nick Olive
18/04 7-Falie (BLLA) $7.00 Nick Olive
18/04 7-Falie (BLLA) $7.00 MoodysMonster
18/04 9-Won't Think Twice (BLLA) $7.00 Copy of D B Hayes
18/04 9-Won't Think Twice (BLLA) $7.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 7-Falie (BLLA) $7.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 7-Falie (BLLA) $7.00 Simon Miller
18/04 9-Won't Think Twice (BLLA) $7.00 Scorpion
18/04 9-Won't Think Twice (BLLA) $7.00 Nick Olive
18/04 4-King Louie (NGIN) $6.50 Angela Brakey
18/04 9-Naivasha (PAKM) $6.00 Angela Brakey
18/04 9-Naivasha (PAKM) $6.00 Wettibix
18/04 9-Naivasha (PAKM) $6.00 Nick Olive
18/04 9-Naivasha (PAKM) $6.00 Edmund 1
18/04 7-Riddle Me That (BLLA) $5.50 Nick Olive
18/04 7-Riddle Me That (BLLA) $5.50 Angela Brakey
18/04 8-Feringo (TOWN) $4.80 Angela Brakey
18/04 8-Feringo (TOWN) $4.80 Nick Olive
18/04 4-Katisu (NGIN) $4.60 F I V E SENSES
18/04 4-Katisu (NGIN) $4.60 MoodysMonster
18/04 4-Katisu (NGIN) $4.60 Nick Olive
18/04 4-Katisu (NGIN) $4.60 Angela Brakey
18/04 7-Ariel Miss (ALB) $4.60 Angela Brakey
18/04 4-Katisu (NGIN) $4.60 A A R D V A R K S
18/04 4-Katisu (NGIN) $4.60 FIVE IS THE MAGIC NUMBER
18/04 3-Catch A Hero (BLLA) $4.40 Angela Brakey
18/04 4-Airwing (NCLE) $4.40 Nick Olive
18/04 3-Crimson Halo (TOWN) $4.40 Rocking Horse
18/04 3-Catch A Hero (BLLA) $4.40 Copy of D B Hayes
18/04 4-Airwing (NCLE) $4.40 MoodysMonster
18/04 3-Crimson Halo (TOWN) $4.40 Horse
18/04 3-Catch A Hero (BLLA) $4.40 MoodysMonster
18/04 3-Crimson Halo (TOWN) $4.40 Guinevere
18/04 4-Airwing (NCLE) $4.40 NSWPro
18/04 3-Crimson Halo (TOWN) $4.40 Simon Miller
18/04 4-Airwing (NCLE) $4.40 Angela Brakey
18/04 3-Catch A Hero (BLLA) $4.40 Nick Olive
18/04 3-Crimson Halo (TOWN) $4.40 Angela Brakey
18/04 8-Lord Archer (TOWN) $4.20 Awkward Gate
18/04 8-Lord Archer (TOWN) $4.20 Simon Miller
18/04 8-Lord Archer (TOWN) $4.20 Angela Brakey
18/04 3-Props (PAKM) $3.90 DailyMD
18/04 3-Props (PAKM) $3.90 DailyMD03
18/04 3-Props (PAKM) $3.90 DailyMD04a
18/04 3-Props (PAKM) $3.90 Simon Miller
18/04 3-Props (PAKM) $3.90 Angela Brakey
18/04 3-Props (PAKM) $3.90 Nick Olive
18/04 3-Props (PAKM) $3.90 DailyMD02
18/04 3-Props (PAKM) $3.90 DailyMD04
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G'day G–man,

just quickly, there's one called "4 and 5".....and I have one called "LAY LADY LAY".
2 lay systems, but totally different...….one with heaps of action, the latter, not so.
Just depends on what you're after.
I'm sure there'll be more …… maybe check out the "ALL TOP SYSTEMS" section.

Written by: ST.JAYDEE
4/13/2019 3:36:24 PM 29 Replies

Apprentice filter broken

Poor Young Brandon Louis Is Unknown Apprentice!
Written by: pie2251
4/12/2019 11:15:39 AM 8 Replies

Bragging Your Systems

Thought I'd drop a line or 3 to add to the hype around the LAY systems being created.

RE: "SIMON MILLER" system.

On face value, when I check out the system's last 100 hits, it appears the system is a BACK system. Surely, it should be a LAY system?
Maybe the owner is just laying all their hits?

My question to PF...……. Is there a chance you would consider separating the 2 types? For example, with one click of the mouse, we would be directed to all the LAY systems, instead of spending time, sifting through all systems to find one we like.

Up until recently, I had nothing to do with LAY systems, but I decided to have a crack at one. I ended up with:
It's early days, so I'll keep my eyes on it and see how it goes.

Any comments/thoughts (good or bad) are welcome.

Cheers to all,
Written by: ST.JAYDEE
3/16/2019 11:05:33 AM 14 Replies

"Bets Sheets" and "Today's Bet Sheet" missing qualifiers?

From another thread:
Harlem paid $31 SP (see Racing Australia website for official SP).
Looking at the System results on the day after the race (Sunday) would have been too early for Tote prices to have been available in our results database; that is why the Best of SP, NSW and Vic would have been shown as $31.00. System results update for any new data (new to our database) for a period up to 2 days later. If you check that system for that runner, you will find it now accounts for the Tote Prices as well.

As for any other issues mentioned, there is a high probability that similar explanations apply. A lot of information comes into our database at different times, which must then be transferred to other areas, cached etc etc.
Written by: puntingform
3/13/2019 2:32:30 PM 3 Replies

Odds errors on favourites

Hi James,
Harlem paid $31 SP (see Racing Australia website for official SP).
Looking at the System results on the day after the race (Sunday) would have been too early for Tote prices to have been available in our results database; that is why the Best of SP, NSW and Vic would have been shown as $31.00. System results update for any new data (new to our database) for a period up to 2 days later. If you check that system for that runner, you will find it now accounts for the Tote Prices as well.
Written by: puntingform
3/13/2019 2:25:04 PM 14 Replies

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