Charlie’s Caulfield Tipdroid Report

So, it's Caulfield Cup Day and the guys upstairs have been on me for days for a Tipdroid update. They don't actually say as much, but they have definitely been looking at me strangely when I leave work each day. Maybe they just forgot that they hired me in the first place and wondering who is the scruffy bum coming up out of the basement in the evenings.

I've gotta tell ya, I can't keep my opinion straight on this droid thing. The work apprentice kid had just stuffed a bunch of random formulas into the fishbowl and I've been using some trial and a lot of error to get the right combination of systems going through it. First step was figuring out that I could remove the fishbowl and that there was a whole separate set of connections under there for inputting the systems the droid will use to make its tips.

I removed some of the kid's own systems and added some of my favourites and I've been studying how they interact with each other. That's the key. It's not just pure weight of numbers of systems that should be setting this thing to shooting paper all over the place, it's specific combinations of systems. I've just gotta find the combinations. And find a way for the droid to print out one sheet per day, with all its tips, so I don't spend half my day sorting and cleaning up paper.

There are days when I think I have it figured out. Other days make it abundantly clear that I do not. So I've taken a day off from my obsessive connecting and disconnecting and reconnecting of different systems, and I've signed up for a free $50 bet from BetEasy. Just now, I plugged in all the systems that have a Caulfield Cup tag and I've got the tip for you. My free bet is on Lidari at 9 to 1 and I've already started spending my winnings in my head. It's not usually a good idea to do that, but bugger it, I'm feeling strangely optimistic.

While people in general are getting dumber every year, bookies are always getting smarter. That's why I love the races. If you can beat the bookies, you can do anything. And when it's 9am and you've got the form guide, a tip producing robot and some hair o' the dog, anything is possible.