Charlie and the Tipdroid

So they've put me here to watch the robot. "Tipdroid" they keep calling it. I'm supposed to plug it into the Punting Form System Analyser every morning and then just sit here with the damn thing and wait for it to start spitting out paper. Not much to it and that'd be the reason they're trusting me with it. I guess no-one else felt like cleaning up this mess. It looks like whoever was doing this job before me forgot to unplug it and it's been shooting its sheets all over the room for god knows how long. I'll just have a quick swig of this and a short rest and then I'll grab the broom.

People often tell me that I have no ambition, like that's a bad thing. They say I'm lazy and expect me to be offended. They say that's why I can't hold down a job, as if holding down a job was ever something I cared to do. The fact is, I've never been one for putting on a tie and presenting myself to some manicured bozo behind a desk, telling him the reasons why he should hire me and trying to look like I believe them. I'd rather wait for the jobs to come to me and if they take their time, I don't mind at all. I'll have my form guide, my radio and a bottle of something and if opportunity comes knocking, it can wait at the door until this race is over.

Looks like this Tipdroid was flying off the handle on Wednesday. A bunch of these papers all say the same thing…"RED HOT TIP ALERT!!! 10/09/2014 14:28:00 - SBYN R2 - 4 - Looking Through!!!". I guess that one hit on a lot of systems because the floor is covered with them. And I seem to recall that horse was a winner for me that day, paying about $3.20. There are a few more different sheets here that I remember were winners and a few losers, too. Okay, so it's not perfect but we might have something we can work with here. Let me grab this broom and clean up the mess, then we can see what it spits out today. 

If I'm gonna work, best if it's a thing I can take an interest in, otherwise it's only a matter of time before the bosses realise that my laid back demeanour isn't a sign of being cool under pressure, it just means I don't give a damn. But who wouldn't have an interest in a robot that spits out tips for the track? Here we go...looks like it's got one for us already.

It's for Tamworth today and it's marked as a "HOT TIP". Not red hot like Looking Through on Wednesday, but hopefully hot enough. The horse is number 4, Cool Maverick in Race 6. You might wanna make sure that's in your quaddie while I clean up in here and work out if this robot is worth the cost of the paper it's been shooting everywhere.


Brystar posted this comment 09/16/2014 16:48:37 PM

Fantastic concept fellas :)
i will be watching this thread closely :)

Brystar posted this comment 09/25/2014 09:49:48 AM

I'm going to have to report Charlie
I reckon he isint sharing
And getting all the top tips too himself lol
Come on Charlie coff em out ??

puntingform posted this comment 09/25/2014 13:29:57 PM

Charlie has plugged the tipdroid into facebook and you can find tips on Punting Form's page while he tinkers with the settings ( We're expecting a new article about the tipdroid tomorrow.