Individual Horse Sectionals

It's been a bit of a bugbear for expert and professional punters that individual horse sectional times are not available as part of RISA's form data.  The best we have from the official governing body is a spattering of 600m race sectionals.  That is the sectional time for the race only (leader at the 600m to winner at the finish line).  Also, this data is generally only available for metro and some provincial meetings.  It's value to the form analyst is really pretty low.

The holy grail of form data is the individual horse sectional with breakdowns covering each 200m section of a race.  International providers such as TurfTrax have proprietary hardware that has been used with some success overseas.  This technology requires receivers to be set up at each section of a race course and a horse to be carrying a radio frequency tracking tag.  There is also a substantial amount of computer equipment required on course to capture and process the data.  The Dorian Horse Equitime System consisting of subterranean loops and transmitters carried under the saddle cloth has been the 200m timing mechanism of choice in Australia.  The cost of installation and maintenance of the systems mentioned is prohibitive to all but the large metropolitan clubs and data accuracy has been widely questioned due to a lack of quality assurance procedures prior to publishing.

Abettoredge a relatively new Australian entity have developed bespoke technology that captures full individual horse 200m sectional times for the majority of televised Australian race meetings.  This opens up a whole new area of competitive advantage for the punter who has access to this data.  Blog entries here describe the technology and process for capture of the data.

200m increment individual runner sectional times are available on a per meeting basis from the Abettoredge website: