Race Sectional Time / Class (Weight) Relationship

 Race Sectional Time / Class (Weight) Relationship


A follow-up to my earlier article on Race Time Versus Class. http://bit.ly/1VP3mSl

Race Sectional Time and Class (Weight) are also linked, as shown by the graph above. As race class increases the corresponding race last 600m sectional time decreases. In this example, the Punting Form developed time Vs class model for the last 600m sectional time in 1200m races demonstrates a linear relationship with a correlation coefficient of 0.962 (an acceptable value).

There are those who are adamant that race time is a meaningless statistic when it comes to determining the 'class' of particular race horses and their performance. We have been able to show that 'on average', this is certainly not the case.

Of course, there are challenges in the application of these theories when it comes to comparing (and eventually predicting) the performance of different race horses, in different races, at different tracks. This is where it is necessary to have accurate times (or what we like to call times which are fit-for-purpose) and other statistical techniques to account for prevailing racing conditions etc.


Gunner78 posted this comment 01/21/2019 11:17:08 AM

hi is there anyway in the systems builder under the ratings filter you can add class price and time price?