What is the Tipdroid?

So, apparently some people are a little confused about what the Tipdroid actually is. They think it's just some kind of application or something that's been installed into the Punting Form systems equipment to pull out good tips. But, the Tipdroid is an actual physical thing. From what I can gather, a work experience kid they had here at Punting Form a few months ago was making it as a science experiment and he just left it here.

If I had to describe the Tipdroid, I'd say it looks like a fishbowl upside down on an old 90s printer on roller skates. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's exactly what it is. The control panel of the printer has been replaced and there's something going on under that fishbowl, but basically it's a printer on skates. It doesn't seem to do anything unless it's plugged into the PF Systems machine and then it will whir and beep for a while before it starts printing out tips. One tip per piece of paper and the more papers it shoots out with the same horse's name, the stronger the tip.

At first, they told me my job was just to count up the tips on the papers and to make sure everything gets recycled, but that started to seem like a bit too much work, so I've been fiddling with the robot instead. I've figured out how to select and remove systems from the tip filter, so I'll be fine-tuning a bit to make sure we're getting the best quality tips. And you might have noticed that I set it up to feed tips straight to Punting Form's facebook account. The first few days results have been so-so, but give it a chance. The work experience kid didn't know a whole lot about racing, but I'm tweaking his settings and I think we're getting somewhere.

On average, the tipdroid comes up with about 10-20 tips per day and a lot more on Saturdays. I've been betting on most of them for the past week or so using a proportional staking system and so far I'm winning on about a third of them and have made a profit over 30%. I set it up so that the horses with the most systems picking them would be sent straight through to facebook, but I think we've actually got a slightly lower strike rate with those so far. I think there's a better way to pick the top tips, so I'm going to keep messing with this thing. The last two days have gone at over 33%, so I reckon the changes I'm making to the settings are having the right effect.

You know, they're basically only paying me to plug in the robot, count papers, unplug the robot and then put out the recycling, but this is one of those rare situations where I don't mind doing more than the minimum expected of me. I've got a good feeling about this robot. You just remember to keep an eye on facebook for these tips.


Brystar posted this comment 09/28/2014 17:40:21 PM

Just make sure your not getting under paid by them scally wags
in our eyes your job is the most important around lol

keep spitting em out as winners and your bound ta get a new shredder by Christmas lol