Sunday morning, and I was just about to add another system (I have 60 already), but wasn't "allowed" to.
Checking other established subscribers' systems, I find one has 99....another has 100.
I would think that you would encourage more systems?
My new system throws up 60%+ winners, but most of them are short–priced..............but I'm happy with that.

Hoping you will judge in my favour.

Max allowed now just twenty. Seems a very low number.

I Have 26 Systems Dedicated To Melbourne Cup / Oaks Day + Caulfield Cup Alone.
So I Have Asked For An Extension Of the Twenty, As I Can Not Save Any More Created Systems.

All good now......have had my limit lifted.......don't think I'll ever get up to 100 systems, ....but who knows?

Hi guys,

The idea with the limit is not to restrict the activities of experienced users. We just don't want a heap of redundant systems slowing down the nightly stats calculation and this seemed the best/easiest way to do it.

If you haven't had your limit increased and you want it, drop an e–mail to support.

Also, it makes sense to delete systems like your seasonal feature race stuff and then reactivate them at the appropriate time.

Is 20 systems to maximum number of you can have at any one time?

This limitation does not apply to me, yet.
I can see users and Pf admin points though...

Personally I think its in your own interests to 'clean house' every so often, especially with poorly performing (non–profitable) systems.
I dont like clutter so I get rid of waste, it slows me down.

Good punting Ladies and Gents!

I agree in most part if a system is year's old and showing a loss then yes get rid of it or at least archive it.

However, most of my systems are only 1 – 6 months old and still unproven.

Although I have already reached my 20 system limit, I still want to be able to create better systems hopefully and have them displayed so that I can monitor their performance and compare them against my other systems.

I'm happy to do a "Spring Clean" once a year and clear out the clutter, but not after 6 months... It's too early to disregard a profitable system, just because you have reached your limit of 20 and you have 19 better ranking systems. We all know system performance can change for better or for worse in just a few months.

All true.

You can get some wild swings Up n Down with only 10 or 20 runners.
Once you have e.g 100x Runners you do get a very good idea about where the system is heading, $ Profit or Loss.
Obviously e.g 1000x is better than 100x due to having bigger data–set (bigger IS better).

You dont need e.g 7000 runners and 2000 Winners at 13% p.o.t to prove a system or not.
Once you get e.g 100 W/300 Q and 10%+ $ P.o.t, u r good 2 Go!!

Simon Miller & MoodysMonster Goes Alright Always Getting Winners.


Don't get me started.

I can't decide if they're poor "back" systems, or very ordinary "lay" systems.

(more question marks)


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HKP $1.30/ Pays $2.75!!

Hot King Prawn, a $1.30 chance, WINS, Pays $2.75!!!

Oops, but silly me, I forgot to tip him here before the race to my 'loyal, loving' followers.

Curiously I have this rather annoying and Startlingly accurate, but unfortunate habit of tipping Losers beforehand. If only they could be calculated in some way...Oh well...

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SLOW Arcadia LAY in W.A

What next Effer V?

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Hahaha...keep them coming stomach hurts...hahaha
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Non–Winners of Barrier Trials do $ Poorly 1st Up! Fact.

U can use THIS site to verify that.

Loser Imbecile.

You LOST. Again.

I Won $$$. Again

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1st UP

Good 4 U James

I busted my butt on 1st Up for ages...until (insert Victorious music) I saw the power of Barrier Trials with predictability.

No absolute of course, but a big kicker to finding $ profits
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Singapore Hits

$281k Profit!

Almost enough for One week of fun.
Not a bad effort there.

I backed a $240–1 shot (Ew) ran 2nd once...nice $ collect at $40+ place, but $240 Winners helps pay for...a lot.

My average Win div now is $2.80, with @ 53% Win S/R
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