Table for Top Public Systems showing Since Creation over Last Three Months

A table for the Top Public Systems showing only systems "Since Creation" over the "Last Three Months" would be extremely useful in identifying the "hot" inform live systems.

I know you can view each "Since Creation" system's last three months performance individually but a Hot List of recent performance would be a huge time saver and some reward for the system generators.

One thing I would like to see is combined results by following 2 systems or more. If the system has the same horse then it is only included once. Which 2 systems for example work best together as a lot on a similar theme. If you could do this it would help subscribers decide which systems are worth subscribing too. I find there are too many rubbish ones and it takes a lot of time to filter them all out. By combining systems it would help somewhat.

I Am an Imbecile – Combines $ Losses $ with More $ Losses $.
Stop it, my stomach hurts...

I can do this all day, every day.

YOU started

Hi IQ,

That's a great suggestion... It would be very helpful.

I noticed some of my "newest" systems appeared at the top of the "Last 3 month" list, yet they were running at a loss "since creation"... So now I've made them private, (except for those with subscribers) as I don't want them appearing on the charts if they're making a loss since creation. I'll make them public again as soon as they start making a profit.

It doesn't seem right to me that a system which is less than 3 months old should automatically appear at the top of the list when in reality it's running at a loss since creation.

I think most of us are looking for systems that tick all three boxes.

User Defined: Profit (tick)
Last 3 months: Profit (tick)
Since Creation: Profit (tick)

My preference is:

1. Since Creation: Profit (tick)
2. Last 3 months: Profit (tick)
3. User Defined: Profit (tick if it's made a profit within the last 12 months)


adamalexander said:

I Am an Imbecile – Combines $ Losses $ with More $ Losses $.
Stop it, my stomach hurts...

I can do this all day, every day.

YOU started

Seriously this is really the calibre of a 5 year old. No children allowed on the forums.


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