Do we really need the "Turnover" columns?
Do they help anyone?
After all, it's just the number of hits multiplied by $50–.... I'd rather see the trainers in my results.

The 'Turnover' column is there in preparation for when we switch on the Lay System functionality.

For Win or Back betting it is only $50 if Flat Staking is selected. For Proportional Staking it obviously varies relative to the price of the runner.

The key thing is that Lay betting requires a 'different' thought pattern to Back betting, when it comes to Turnover (which is why the Turnover column has been added). Unfortunately we did not have enough screen real estate, so something had to go (in this case the Trainer column).

Why not just let it happen then worry about if it gets too confusing. I cant see any problem in how they do things now and dont envisage I will when the Lay systems ability comes online.

Gee, one small change is certainly creating a bit of discussion. The reason for removing Trainer as opposed to Jockey, was that the Trainer does not generally change from run to run, whereas the Jockey can.

Anyway, the 'buck' for design considerations obviously rests with Punting Form and we can only suggest seeing what you think when the total package gets rolled out in the near future.

A lot of development has already been undertaken and will be switched on once we have Betfair SP Data fully operational. Unless we have any major bugs with what has been released already, we will happily take that as a 'win'.


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Odds errors on favourites

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Kangaroo Island Races?

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Kangaroo Island Races?

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Kangaroo Island Races?

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Odds errors on favourites

Hello PF

Do a system builder test for Linda Meech confining the date parameters to simply August 2017. You will see the problem at 14 August 2017.
Written by: Effer V
2/21/2019 11:26:21 AM 7 Replies

Kangaroo Island Races?

Sir goman, thanks for your help and now I know! =)

Cheers, hope you had a good day.
Written by: Chairman Chow
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Hi Wellbrock13 and others who have expressed an interest in Lay Systems and or analysis using BFSP as the base price.

This is one of those things which sounds straight forward in theory, but has proven to have a difficult birthing process.

We have been busy working with Betfair on getting a data feed which reliably updates BFSP results on a daily basis. This seems to be very close and once established, we should be ready to introduce Lay Systems.

Thanks for your interest.
Written by: puntingform
2/10/2019 9:51:20 AM 14 Replies

New Suggestion for Time Period Top Public Systems: “Last 3 Months” and “Since Creation” combined

Or alternatively, make it so that only systems that have made a profit “Since Creation” show up on the “Last 3 Months” leader board.

Again using “Since Creation” results only… Not “User Defined”.

Many thanks.

Written by: boagesmalone
1/20/2019 2:03:09 PM 0 Reply

With regards Singapore dividends and system results.

Written by: pie2251
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