Systems Singapore SP Update

The Singapore issue (Starting Prices in the results we receive are for a $5 unit) is not as straight forward to resolve as we had hoped. It needs to comprise a two staged fix;
1. Divide the Singapore SP’s by 5 that already exist within the database and re–programme our form reader to divide them by 5 at the point of results ingestion. This should be completed by COB Wednesday the 28th November.
2. Once this is done existing systems would need to be re–saved to back–flush the revised prices, but this then re–sets the since creation date and statistics … which most users may not want as a by product of the process.
So, we are going to also write some code to save 'all' systems while attempting to maintain the existing 'since creation date / stats’. This step will involve substantial development and testing, plus processing time to actually ‘run’. Aiming for COB Monday 3rd December completion.

There is no simple solution because even switching off Singapore will not solve the runners/pricing already accrued against systems back history; without also undertaking a fresh system save or running the proposed step 2 above.

We apologise for the inconvenience and ask users to exercise a certain level of 'vigilance' while we sort this out. Any upcoming Singapore hits can just be ignored (as can System Statistics which may have been inflated by Singapore SP's recently); however, Australian upcoming System hits should not be impacted.

Hard job. A lot of thoughts and care been taken into this. Most sincerest thanks.


All aspects of the Singapore SP update have now been completed.

Thanks for your patience.

Please report any outstanding issues you may come across to

Many systems that were in the User Defined, Last 3 months & Since Creation tables that were showing very healthy profits (ie prior to the inclusion of Singapore hits) are now showing very negative results. There could be a problem there somewhere...

IQ said:

Many systems that were in the User Defined, Last 3 months & Since Creation tables that were showing very healthy profits (ie prior to the inclusion of Singapore hits) are now showing very negative results. There could be a problem there somewhere...

I noticed the same thing last night. A lot of my systems are now showing a loss, whereas they were profiting prior to the introduction of Singapore races.

I assume the results are correct, hence why I haven't reported it to PF... I'm just acknowledging IQ's comments and sharing my own observation.


I concur something is not right with the Singapore update and no doubt is going to upset subscribers. Needs to be looked at asap.


Like other Guys have mentioned here, things have definitely gone amiss with the System tables and Results now.
For example, my best performing one "The FORMULATOR Factor"at the top of the 'User Defined' table now only displays results going back to December 1st 2018, yet should normally be showing the performance Figures/Results dating back to 2007.
No doubt just about all my other Systems are effected along with this one... if not all, and probably like that of other System Builders too!.

Urgent action needed to rectify situation Admin ...


Hi guys,

There was obviously an issue with our system rebuild process. We are looking to rectify this ASAP....


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Hello PF

Do a system builder test for Linda Meech confining the date parameters to simply August 2017. You will see the problem at 14 August 2017.
Written by: Effer V
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Kangaroo Island Races?

Sir goman, thanks for your help and now I know! =)

Cheers, hope you had a good day.
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Hi Wellbrock13 and others who have expressed an interest in Lay Systems and or analysis using BFSP as the base price.

This is one of those things which sounds straight forward in theory, but has proven to have a difficult birthing process.

We have been busy working with Betfair on getting a data feed which reliably updates BFSP results on a daily basis. This seems to be very close and once established, we should be ready to introduce Lay Systems.

Thanks for your interest.
Written by: puntingform
2/10/2019 9:51:20 AM 14 Replies

New Suggestion for Time Period Top Public Systems: “Last 3 Months” and “Since Creation” combined

Or alternatively, make it so that only systems that have made a profit “Since Creation” show up on the “Last 3 Months” leader board.

Again using “Since Creation” results only… Not “User Defined”.

Many thanks.

Written by: boagesmalone
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With regards Singapore dividends and system results.

Written by: pie2251
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