Singapore Sling Results a data error?

Just wondering is there a 5x odd inflation in the Sinapore systems. The system looks way too good.

Hi Drako...

My opinion is that until Punting Form sorts out the issue with the inflated prices/dividends, Singapore Systems should be overlooked to be blunt.
In fact a few weeks ago i came up with a "Singapore" System of my own that was showing a Profit approaching close to $1.8 Million. This was clearly ridiculous and unrealistic to expect the same level of performance to extend into the future once PF get fully on top of things. And so not wishing to create confusion and false expectations amongst potential Subscribers, i never released my "wonder" System Publicly. Instead i've scrapped it now by converting it into a more realistic Singapore System (which i'm still working on) since PF a short time ago commenced making amendments to Singapore's resulting prices/dividends.
I for one will be patiently waiting until everything is hunky dory before releasing any future Systems involving Singapore Races.


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have a look at the threads – I made NO nasty personal attacks on you...but...EVERY thread, your ABUSE starts.


Fact: look at the threads.
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to close forum is a way to hide behind closed doors
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Does this have to do with negative comments?
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repay subscribers who lost money paying for singapore systems based on false pretence delete and stop selling a good place to start
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Systems Singapore SP Update

Hi guys,

There was obviously an issue with our system rebuild process. We are looking to rectify this ASAP....
Written by: Punting Form
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