How do you access the Worksheets on Punting Form?

Provided you have an active Pro form subscription ($10 per week) you can access the worksheet functionality by going to the form for an upcoming race and clicking on the yellow pencil icon towards the top right hand side of the page.

The same worksheet functionality can also be accessed in this manner once the race has been resulted (handy for bulk entry of runner video comments or a race comment).

As a general comment, it would be best to send an email to for support questions etc.


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Hi Adam,

Good observation and a nice tip.

Coincidentally, I created a new system last night based on Barrier Trails. Interesting results when combined with one or two other filters.

Written by: boagesmalone
11/15/2018 10:22:33 AM 1 Reply

Singapore Hits

$281k Profit!

Almost enough for One week of fun.
Not a bad effort there.

I backed a $240–1 shot (Ew) ran 2nd once...nice $ collect at $40+ place, but $240 Winners helps pay for...a lot.

My average Win div now is $2.80, with @ 53% Win S/R
Written by: adamalexander
11/14/2018 2:59:15 PM 5 Replies

Crashed ?

Yes, when we do any sort of website roll out, problems can regularly be solved by performing a Hard–Refresh of your Browser;

Press Control and F5 simultaneously for Windows
Command and R for Mac Safari
Command Shift R for Mac Chrome.
Written by: puntingform
11/13/2018 4:09:56 PM 2 Replies


Gee, one small change is certainly creating a bit of discussion. The reason for removing Trainer as opposed to Jockey, was that the Trainer does not generally change from run to run, whereas the Jockey can.

Anyway, the 'buck' for design considerations obviously rests with Punting Form and we can only suggest seeing what you think when the total package gets rolled out in the near future.

A lot of development has already been undertaken and will be switched on once we have Betfair SP Data fully operational. Unless we have any major bugs with what has been released already, we will happily take that as a 'win'.
Written by: puntingform
11/13/2018 4:02:43 PM 3 Replies

Sectional Form PRO

Ok, Thanx
Written by: adamalexander
11/11/2018 3:36:17 PM 3 Replies

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