After considerable effort we have identified what we believe to be the major issues involved with the issues raised for Singapore runners.

The vast majority of the issues were caused by the reporting of dividends being for $5 units. This was rectified a few weeks ago and all systems have been recalculated, the last few of which were completed a few days ago. The remaining issues are caused by two factors.

First, we only have full form for meetings from 1st Jan 2016. “Form” and system hits prior to this date are caused by “meeting stubs” which are created when a runner has past form going back prior to this date. Since we don’t have access to full fields for meetings prior to this date, we will never have full form for these meetings. The solution for system users is to exclude all meetings (and dividends) for runs prior to this date. We will be modifying our system to do this automatically, but as this will require a code change to our system it will take a little time. In the interim, users can set dates for their own systems to exclude anything prior to 2016.

Secondly, we have identified a very small handful of races (less than 0.4% of Singapore races) where the dividends appear to be incorrect. We will work to address these races but this may take some time, and given the very small number of these races we do not feel that they will have a significant impact on system performance.