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Formulator posted this comment 06/17/2013 09:02:55 AM

PLEASE NOTE : Any issues with notification / result discrepancies of this system should be directed to the Punting Form Administration for their attention .... Thankyou!

Formulator posted this comment 07/19/2013 10:58:33 AM

A good day for my loyal subscribers today ( 18/07/2013 ) with 3 nice priced winners ...... hope you all did well :-)

Formulator posted this comment 08/02/2013 11:21:15 AM

System has been hot in recent weeks with a number of big priced winners ..... hope it continues for those on board and my future subscribers :-)

ueber1 posted this comment 08/05/2013 22:23:31 PM

Loving this system Forumlator. On fire!

Formulator posted this comment 08/06/2013 10:03:31 AM

Thanks for your comments ueber1.... I hope it continues for my subscribers as well as myself, although to be realistic, I realise there will be rough patches from time to time...I hope they are few and far between though :-)

Formulator posted this comment 10/13/2013 11:53:14 AM

System been back to normal in recent weeks with some nice priced winners along the way .... Hope all my subscribers have been lining their pockets on these :-)

ueber1 posted this comment 02/20/2014 22:09:31 PM

Loving the Lord Ashford hit!!!

Formulator posted this comment 07/06/2014 16:16:47 PM

Congrats to all subscribers ... 2 winners on Saturday.. One paying $7.00, the other paying a whopping $51.60 :)

jacoby876 posted this comment 12/16/2014 13:30:57 PM

Hi, where do we find your selections?

Formulator posted this comment 12/16/2014 15:16:11 PM

Hi jacoby876... Like all systems, whenever there are notifications for selections, these are sent out to Subscribers. Please see 'News - Latest Blogs - Systems FAQ' at the top of the page for further information ... Thanks!

libbber1 posted this comment 09/14/2016 17:45:38 PM

how often do tips get put up roughly?