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  • x% PoT
  • x% Win%
  • x Wins
  • x Hits
  • x Avg. D.
  • x High D.
  • x Low D.
Horse Pos BF SP Race GROSS Race NET Rolling Race Rolling Jockey Race Details
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Formulator posted this comment 11/27/2019 14:35:10 PM

It's important to note that i do not expect this System to be used in it's entirety, or anywhere near it ... and nor would i ever recommend attempting to do so either. But rather should be viewed as a basis (or market) to be used in a selection process to best suit according to your own individual requirements.

Formulator posted this comment 01/18/2020 13:34:48 PM

*IMPORTANT* ... I've become aware that some other so called "Lay" Systems from those of other System Builders, do not base their System around Betfair SP using the "Lay" format, but instead are using other methods like "Official SP" and/or "TAB" Dividends, which apart from naturally being more flattering as far as the performance is concerned, are unachievable in reality as well. For this reason, "Lay" Systems should be viewed with a certain degree of caution, and only perhaps Subscribed to once their authenticity has been established... Rest assured ALL my "Lay" Systems (that i've highlighted in the System 'Description' above) use the proper (and realistic) 'Betfair SP - Lay' option method in their application/s.