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  • x% PoT
  • x% Win%
  • x Wins
  • x Hits
  • x Avg. D.
  • x High D.
  • x Low D.
Horse Pos Odds Race
Rolling Race Rolling Jockey Race Details
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yanyanep posted this comment 12/06/2019 20:15:04 PM

Is there a way someone could incorporate this into an automated bot?

gamblinman posted this comment 01/30/2020 18:01:04 PM

Yes can be done. Ive imported many systems with high amount of runners into a bot.

mal posted this comment 02/13/2020 23:21:17 PM

Can you please explain how I could do that with this system? Does Punting Form have a way of easily importing these selections into a bot?

mal posted this comment 02/13/2020 23:25:22 PM

Also is the profit worked out on betfair SP minus commission for this lay system? Otherwise the profit could turn into a loss.

minmininwin posted this comment 03/03/2020 11:54:17 AM

I think commissions are all factored in. The issue with this system though is that it exploits a bug where odds are calculated using official SP rather than BFSP, which are considerably LOWER. This negatively impacts profits as a result. Until this is rectified subscriber beware as there is no real way of knowing the results with any accuracy. posted this comment 03/08/2020 02:36:44 AM

agree with the above. have confirmed the SP listed here is lower than the official BSP for these horses.