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Formulator posted this comment 07/26/2019 06:59:46 AM

26/07/2019 - Introducing my latest and best performing System yet ... and by a very considerable margin i should add, for as well as eclipsing my other leading plans, it has the distinction of breaking new territory by being the first 1/2 $MILLION system created. Plenty of Hits over a long time period, along with an impressive PoT too using the Betfair SP (Back) Market... Check out the graph and figures for yourselves!

Formulator posted this comment 04/18/2020 09:33:47 AM

The System certainly lived up to its name on Thursday (16th April 2020) by uncovering a real GEM for Subscribers courtesy of a Winning $563 Betfair pay-out on Filly - Without Excuse, with Lady hoop - Carleen Hefel, in the saddle at Pakenham... And in so doing, extending even further the System's dominance on the ROI Ladder ... Are you "Without Excuse" not to jump on board for your "GEM$" ?

Formulator posted this comment 08/01/2020 06:45:14 AM

01/08/2020 - Still ticking over nicely with profits from its inception a year ago, and remains the Best and most Profitable (Back) System available!.

Formulator posted this comment 09/20/2020 06:21:07 AM

Unearthed another "sparkler" at Kilcoy on Friday (18/09/2020) with a $279 Winner ... and continuing on its lucrative ways!