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murraycod posted this comment 12/24/2013 13:09:50 PM

Hello. Do you use a staking plan with this system? Geoff

Formulator posted this comment 12/25/2013 09:04:24 AM

Hi Geoff... At this early stage I'm not using a particular staking plan as this system is quite new and am still looking into how things pan out.... However I would NEVER recommend raising stakes after a loser with this system ... or ANY other system come to that. IMO chasing losses is always a dangerous ploy. Maybe adjusting your stakes according to the prices, or using the "Kelly" approach or that of a variation could be the way to go ?. Hope that's been of help to you ... Cheers!

murraycod posted this comment 12/25/2013 12:39:35 PM

Thanks for the reply m8, and yes i agree with you about chasing losses. However im a big fan of the Retirement Staking Plan and my homework suggests it will go hand in hand with your system. Ive just subscribed to your tips so I'll try the RSP and let you know how it goes. All i have to do now is find your tips. lol. Geoff

Formulator posted this comment 12/25/2013 21:04:42 PM

Hi Again Geoff... I appreciate your input and subscription to my system. I hope it continues with it's winning ways.... for the benefit of all of us :) . I must admit to not having heard about the "Retirement Staking Plan" before .... I intend to check it out for myself, but It will be interesting to hear how you go with it ... Cheers and Good Punting to you!

murraycod posted this comment 12/25/2013 21:51:44 PM

Try this m8. It looks complicated at first but its easy once you get used to using it.

ThanksMercedes posted this comment 01/13/2014 10:21:06 AM

Hey formulator, I've been enjoying your system for the last week or two. Just a question on price rank. Is it definitely favourite only? or any runner close to favouritism? and is it favourite just before the jump? i notice a number of your picks that have been 2nd fav have got up.

Formulator posted this comment 01/14/2014 07:57:23 AM

Hi ThanksMercedes, I appreciate your interest and comments... Well, although Punting Form has referred to it as a "Favourites" based system, I in fact designed it so that it includes the top picks whilst not having to worry about prices or favourite rankings, so in effect it doesn't matter whether they are favourite or not. Although bear in mind late scratchings may have an effect on criteria used and hence notifications ... I hope that has cleared things up for you mate ... Cheers!

millie43 posted this comment 01/16/2014 12:05:05 PM

Hi Formulator. I am very new here and have subscribed to to this system. I am confused so maybe you can help me. According to list there were only 3 selections on 15th and 2 on the 14th. ???? When I checked the bets available off this site, it came up with 8 each on both 14th and 15th. Can you tell me what I am missing. I have been backing every selection mentioned on a daily basis on this site. Thanks for your understanding. Millie43

Formulator posted this comment 01/17/2014 08:13:29 AM

Hi millie43 ... welcome to the site, I hope it proves beneficial for you. Your question has come up a number of times in the past with systems in general. There are numerous factors which can change notifications leading up to the race, and of course there can also be discrepancies between notifications sent and system results, due to change of conditions, scratching's and jockey changes just to name a few. To find out a more detailed explanation, may I suggest you contact Administration as they will be able to enlighten you more than I can, but I hope this response has helped you somewhat ?.... Thanks for subscribing and good luck to you!

punterjj posted this comment 02/02/2014 08:49:01 AM

Hi Formulator, congrats on a tremendous strike rate with this system. Further to @mercedes comment the system qualifier is 'Price Rank < 2' so must I only back tips that are the starting price favourite?

Formulator posted this comment 02/03/2014 13:40:42 PM

Hi punterjj... Thanks for your comments... Yeah the system has been going along okay since inception. But to address your question and hopefully clear up any confusion out there. Although this system's focus is primarily on the main chances tending towards the shorter priced horses, it is NOT a favourites based system, and therefore it is of no consequence whether the starting price is that of the favourite or even close to favouritism for that matter. Just follow the issued notifications accordingly. But please note as like I responded to member millie43's query recently that late scratching's or other changes in conditions at the time of the race, can result in discrepancies with notifications given prior too and eventual results given in the System Builder. If you or other members need further clarification on this issue, allow me to direct you to Administration, as being naturally in control of the System Builder and therefore fully understand the workings and operation thereof, putting them in a better position to answer your questions or concerns in greater detail than I possibly could. Hope this helps somewhat punterjj... Cheers and good punting!

Formulator posted this comment 06/11/2014 11:52:48 AM

Still going along okay for subscribers, especially in the past week with 9 Winners from 11 selections ... Sweet!

Punting Form posted this comment 06/13/2014 01:42:48 AM

Exceptional work here Formulator.....great stuff!

Formulator posted this comment 06/13/2014 08:16:09 AM

Cheers! HK... It's even more satisfying to know that there are subscribers sharing in these fruitful periods :)