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kerrisonjr posted this comment 06/24/2014 08:12:59 AM

Would you recommend using this system or the original?

Brystar posted this comment 06/24/2014 16:54:37 PM

Hi kerrisonjr this system is based almost identical too the original. i removed some criteria which unfortunately opened up several unwanted hits. But after several sleepless nights i discovered one criteria that removed almost 250 plus non paying runners....glee at last i said. So it is almost similar you will receive one or two more hits than usual, but as you can see by the graphs there are several nice priced runners the original missed on.Super Sun 1-11 $51.00,Got The Nod 1-12 $57.40,Breaker 1-14 $65.00 + several high priced placings. So in saying that i would use this one too the other. G.L.A MAY THE LONG SHOTS FLOW FOR US :)

kerrisonjr posted this comment 06/24/2014 20:39:45 PM

Switched over and got one on the place today.

Brystar posted this comment 06/25/2014 03:03:59 AM

yes congrats purchasers $7.00 the place on TAB is not to be sneezed at

Brystar posted this comment 07/03/2014 15:35:45 PM

1st PINJ R3 9-My Lady Megan Jarrad Noske Ms C Stelmach MaidenSurprise (reformated) $26 fixed nice divy :) congrats purchasers :)

Brystar posted this comment 07/05/2014 05:49:41 AM

Universal Show 1-12 $52.10 04/07/2014 GEES R4 nice congrats :)

Brystar posted this comment 07/08/2014 05:04:49 AM

Miss Nimble 1-12 $61.90 07/07/2014.Universal Show 1-12 $52.10 04/07/2014. ECHA R4. also 1st PINJ R3 9-My Lady Megan wont show due to paying $23.50 here which falls under the >$25 however it was sent. Certainly has paid off too reformat congrats purchasers :)

Brystar posted this comment 07/24/2014 19:36:44 PM

After a couple of nice placed dividends around the $9+ we score today with 24/07 13:20 BDGO R3 12-Flying Aurora J Noonan L J Corstens Well worth it :)