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  • x Low D.
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samsonmamus posted this comment 06/01/2020 04:39:52 AM

Hi, how does your system really work?

Do you make selections for the horse not to win or what?

I trying to understand what it's all about. Please explain. Thanks.

Formulator posted this comment 07/17/2020 07:13:27 AM

Hi samsonmamus ... Sorry for the late reply to your query, but i've only just now spotted it, in which i get no Notifications about from Punting Form themselves. Anyway, as the name *MAXI-LAY* suggests and from what i've written in the description, this IS a LAY system, and the "HITS" (selections) given to Subscribers in notifications are for LAY betting purposes on BETFAIR, and therefore if you LAY any of these horses, you are betting on these horses to LOSE, which of course is the whole purpose of LAY betting. I have also several other LAY Systems available apart from this one (currently "LAYMART" and "LAYWAY"), that you may like to check out, including the descriptions etc, and see if any of those may suit your requirements better ?.... Hope that helps you!