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Formulator posted this comment 11/29/2014 07:40:50 AM

From time to time i hear comments from puzzled members regarding the discrepancies between Notifications and Results of systems in general on the site.... Well, for those interested i have tried to address that issue in creating this my latest and innovative plan... Introducing 'She Wins Again! - (CCC)'. This is what i term a "Core Criteria Concept" plan, in that there are no Jockey, Trainer, Barrier, Going, Price, Ranking etc elements used, but just the very basic criteria that won't change (except Horse age) whatever the circumstances of the race, and therefore there should be very few (if any) discrepancies between notifications and results... Although runners are not regular, the performance is pleasing and dates right back to the start of database records in 2005. As an added note, i will also be looking into creating other new and innovative systems along these (CCC) lines in due course, and hope they are of interest for those Subscribers requiring very basic straightforward systems .... Cheers!