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  • x Hits
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  • x Low D.
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thebaldman posted this comment 12/09/2014 19:49:36 PM

My newest and one of my best ever creations. The strike rate 73% is something that amazes me as I only applied 6 filters/rules to get the results. Looking forward to using this inconjuction with my G.S.E system for unending collects.

thebaldman posted this comment 12/19/2014 08:22:51 AM

4 wins from 4 selections since creation... Win strike rate is now 75%.... Amazing!!!

thebaldman posted this comment 12/22/2014 22:01:38 PM

Still going strong with 8 bets for 7 winners & 1 second since creation... Amazing!!!

punterjj posted this comment 01/10/2015 08:34:23 AM

@thebaldman the 18% PoT since creation is impressive. It will be interesting to see the results after 100 hits. Good luck!

thebaldman posted this comment 11/29/2015 10:46:41 AM

Another winner adding to the last 8 wins from 13 bets. Over 60% win strike and over 90% place strike. Continues to get winners!

thebaldman posted this comment 12/04/2015 14:04:12 PM

This system is amazing, just a few rules for a 61% win strike rate and a place strike rate in the 90's. Just hit 5 winners in a row. Great strike rate holding up after 1 year.

racings posted this comment 05/29/2016 21:03:29 PM

hi thebaldman, im new to this forum how do i get a copy of your AMAZING MAIDENS ??