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Formulator posted this comment 07/07/2019 08:05:50 AM

7/07/2019: Newly updated and progressive version of my earlier "The SHARPENERS SP Betfair version" System already off to a flying start claiming a $130 Winner at Dubbo yesterday (Saturday 6th July).

tbreen posted this comment 04/30/2020 15:22:43 PM

Hi formulater is this your most up to date Betfair SP back system

Formulator posted this comment 06/14/2020 07:49:17 AM

Hi tbreen, sorry for such a late reply as i've only just noticed your Post as i seldom view 'Comments' mainly because of the sheer number of Systems i have Public ... as well as the fact that Punting Form presently doesn't have a Notification feature for Posts. Anyway to answer your question ... As the System is over 11 Months old, I can't recall for sure of working on/publishing any "back" Systems since creating it, as i believe i came up with and made Public a small number of other Systems around the same time ... and prior to your message of course. However i have very recently created/released a new and different type of Betfair - Back System by the name of "BETFAIR BOOSTERS" which aims to uncover the Value to be had amongst the Long-shots. ... I hope this resolves your query.