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thetaxman posted this comment 03/12/2017 15:42:29 PM

This chart is fantastic, have your live results matched the backtest from 08?

thetaxman posted this comment 03/12/2017 19:52:10 PM

What does the price rank notification mean?
Only bet between these price ranges?

bastia posted this comment 03/20/2017 16:58:01 PM

Gday Cizzman.

Basically the price rank notification doesn,t mean much at all.

When working out this system I presumed it meant prices between 2/1 to 12/1 but as you can see from the results we are getting horses with any old odds.

It seems successful so I've left it.

In actual fact after studying it today I think it means the top 2nd to 12th horse in the betting so it's pretty much irrelevant.

Hope we can get a few winners for you. (We're overdue)