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System of the Week - 04/02

A tough week for the leading Moody systems with both Moodys Monster and Magical Moody failing to deliver a positve return for the first time in several weeks.  This opened the door for some really interesting new comers....

One of the most interesting is Tylendale's Gold Rush system which has generated $430 profit for $1 in the last month.  Unfotunately, Tylendale has only built the system to display the last month of results leaving a number of users questioning the long term viability.  At least for the past few weeks his criteria have indeed seen a Gold Rush.

For the fourth week out of the last five weeks Croc's Longshots has return a double figure profit by only picking a single winner.  This system really is a great source of consistant long shot winners.

System of the Week winner a couple of weeks ago Zammasaurus's Lucky 7 has delivered again with 3 winners from 7 selections.  Outside hope Ollie's Gold at Hobart on Sunday helped Lucky 7 deliver over $17 profit.

For generating a bit of discussion and interest Tylendale's 1 month wonder - Gold Rush is the winner of System of the Week.


Monday, 4 February 2013

Site Maintenance

We are moving ISPs today and expect some downtime.

Thanks for your patience...

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

System of the Week - 28/01

Some big dividends over the past week made this the week of the long shot system.  Once again The Honey Pot struck gold with two winners out of 8 selections paying $16 and $13 respectively.  This is the third week out of the last four that our leading system has delivered double figure returns to subscribers.  Croc's Longshots needed six selections to hit one winner for the week with Alesteem getting home at Kembla Grange paying $20.  This is also the second week in a row that Croc's Longshots have delivered large returns.

Moody's Monster continues to perform as the leading trainer based system.  This is the fourth consecutive week of profits with 3 winners from 11 hits and a return of around $10 per $1 invested.  Magical Moody, Winning Pride and Pride Punting were other trainer systems that should healthy profits for the week.

Punting Form newcomer pie2251 has put together some great apprentice jockey based systems in an effort to find value.  A number of his systems are profitable over the last 12 months with average dividends of over $15.  Ms P Schmidt is of particular interest given that the jockey was able to ride two winners paying over $50 in the last week.  Ms R Murray also hit a $40 winner and a $7 winner from just 8 selections.  For his combined efforts of creating a number of great new jockey based systems pie2251 is this week's winner of System of the Week.

Monday, 28 January 2013

System of the Week - 20/01

There were a number of systems with perfect records this week.  My Favourite Maiden (2/2), JJ's Mel Secrets (1/1), Lucky 7 (3/3), Bet2win (3/3) and Weir/Brad-Vic/Prov (2/2).  Incudan's amazing Let It Ride system also had 1 winner from 1 hit this week when Streetwise Savoire got home at $1.80. This takes the Let It Ride streak to 12 consecutive winners.  This is a great effort when you consider that the average return on this favourites system is still out over $2.

One of our leading systems, Magical Moody, had its third consecutive winning week with 5 winners from 14 selections and a return of $2.20 per $1 invested.  Its Moody counterpart Moodys Monster faired even better with 6 winners from 16 selections and a return of $5.70.

It was also another good week for longshot systems with Crocs Longshots hitting a $20 winner and Dugg hitting a $31 winner in back to back races at Wyong on Wednesday.  Both systems needed 6 hits for the week to find those winners, so a nice profit for subscribers.

System of the week goes to Zammasaurus and his Lucky 7 system.  Lucky 7 was 3 from 3 with winners paying $7.20, $3.00 and $2.10.

Punting Form has a new release coming out later this week.  As always, we will be introducing a lot of cool new features and speeding up the systems page a lot as well.  More details coming soon….

Monday, 21 January 2013

System of the Week - 13/01

It's been a massively profitable week for systems punters.  Many of the systems on our leaderboard returned profits for the week, with Jan Man, Get Lucky, Wallsmart and Crocs Specials all returning double figure profits.

Crocs Specials had a special day on Saturday hitting back to back winners with King Joy saluting at $28 and Teen Idol at $8.50.  All up there were 3 winners from 7 selections for Crocs Specials this week for a profit of over $33 for each dollar bet.

The battle for leading trainer based system between Formulator's Magical Moody and Incudan's Moodys Monster was won convincingly by Magical Moody this week.  Whilst these systems have similar stats the runners that they identify are often very distinct.  Magical Moody hit 2 from 10 this week with Tambo at $12 contributing to an 8.5 unit profit for the week.  Formulator continues to show awesome knowledge in building trainer based systems with Price For Profit hitting 4 out of 10 selections for a return of 7.5 units.  WillToWin's Wallsmart was the leading Waller system this week thanks to Triple Elegance ($16.70) at the Magic Millions Gold Coast meeting.

System of the Week goes to WillToWin for his innovated Jan Man system.  This system has been specifically designed to provide winners in the racing downtime that is January.  Jan Man provides a lot of excitement for potential subscribers with over 50 hits for the week!  With 9 winners from these selections Jan Man delivered a healthy return of $15.70 per $1 bet.  Congratulations to WillToWin.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

System on the Week - 06/01

It's been the week of the long shot system.  Subscribers to The Honey Pot, Punting Form's leading system, sampled the sweet nectar of victory when Magnapal saluted at Ballarat last Sunday paying $36.  The Honey Pot only had 10 selections in total for the week showing a great return for investors.  Crocs Longshots was also able to deliver a $17 winner through Private Chat at Rockhamption on Thursday.  Crocs Longshots needed 7 selections for the week to find this winner. 

Capping a great week for the Formulator, Price for Profit stood out as the best trainer based system.  Mick Price delivered 3 winners from 13 selections through this system for a return on investment of $7 per $1 bet.  Plenty of winners as well for the leading Moody systems, Moodys Monster and Magical Moody, with small profits shown here as well.

So the inaugural winner of our System of the Week fittingly goes to the number one system for ROI on Punting Form - The Honey Pot. Congratulations to the Formulator and hopefully we can strike another big winner next week.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

System of the Week

We are excited to announce a new round of competitions for our community of systems builders - System of the Week!

Weekly Prize structure

1st - $100 Luxbet Bonus Bet

2nd - $50 Luxbet Bonus Bet

3rd - $20 Luxbet Bonus Bet

To qualify for the weekly prizes systems will need to be new and innovative, successful over a longer period of time and deliver a high return on investment.  Create your system now.

Existing systems that have outstanding success for the week will also be in consideration.  

Thanks to Luxbet for staking up the prizes.

Read the terms & conditions here. 

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Mobile App Version 2 Released

We are pretty excited to announce the release of the second version of our mobile app.  iOS users can upgrade via the app store.  Our first ever Andriod version will be out within the next couple of weeks.  Here are some of the new features:

Improved System Runner Notifications

Your list of upcoming system runners and black book notifications now includes jockey colours and the name of the system that the runner is for. We have also integrated live odds from our odds comparison tool.  Each runner lists the up-to-the-minute best price from all the major bookies with a quick link to that bookie's phone number so you can easily and quickly get on.

Mobile Bet Sheet

Our Bet Sheet feature has been massively popular since it's introduction in the spring. Now, rather than printing your Bet Sheet out, you can reference it throughout the day on your phone. Bet Sheet runners also list best available odds.


For our ratings subscribers and people who are at the track or pub and would like to view our popular Meeting Quick Guides, these can now be accessed through our mobile app as well.

As always, we will be continuing to improve our mobile application with a focus on adding features most requested by our users. We have big plans for our app in 2013 so stay tuned.

Friday, 21 December 2012

New Features - 22/11

Sell your System!

Think that you have created the ultimate horse racing system using Punting Form's System Builder?  Put your systems to the test by making it public and allowing other users to subscribe.  50% of sales will be returned to the seller.  Create your system now and start raking in the profits!

Comment on other User's Systems

We've added a community feature that allows members to comment and discuss public systems.

Interactive Speed Map

Our speed maps have been out for a couple of weeks now and have been receiving rave reviews.  Our maps are the most accurate available given that they are based on the individual horse sectional times that are used to generate our ratings.  Most other speed maps are built using the inaccurate "in-run" data presented in most form guides.  Our interface also allows users to drag and drop horses on the speed map to configure based on personal opinion.  You can then save or print  your map to PDF.

New Systems Criteria

In response to member requests we have implemented three of the most requested filter criteria:

  • Settle Position:  The expected settling position at a horse's next start.  This data is leveraged from the sectional information used in our speed maps.
  • Run Style:  Using the same data as above this criteria specifies the run style of horse over the duration of his career. 
  • Class Change:  A few months ago we implemented an algorithm for determining the change in class between races for horses.  This data was presented in our form guide and has now been added as a criteria in our Systems Builder.

We are committed to continually build on our available filters and will always endeavor to implement the most requested items quickly.

Ratings Filter

The data that is provided in our Meeting Quick Guide ratings product is now available as a systems filter:

  • Neural Rank - Our algorithm's overall ranking relative to other horses in the race.
  • Neural Price - Assessment of fair price based on our neural data.
  • Class/Weight Rank - Ratings converting performance to a weight assessment.
  • Race Time Rank - Rating based on overall race times.
  • Sectional Rank - Runners are ranked based on their sectional performances.
  • PF Score - Summary score out of 100 incorporating all other ratings categories.

The power the ratings filters add to our Systems Builder can be demonstrated by a simple system that has only one criteria selected: Neural Rank = 1.  This basic system as had 1633 hits for 437 wins (27%) in the last month.  This alone results in a 1.36% profit on turnover and is a great foundation for building your systems on.  Given that our ratings suite output can be generated from the Systems Builder a monthly ratings subscription is required for building systems with any criteria from the ratings filter.

Mobile Application - New version (next week)!

There are a lot of cool new features also coming up in next week's release of our mobile app:

  • Improved notification messages for systems and black book runners.
  • Integrated live odds.
  • Click through betting.
  • Bet sheets will be available to view in the app.
  • Ratings will also be available to view.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Melbourne Cup Ratings

Get you free Meeting Quick Guide for the Melbourne Cup here.

Be sure to check back regularly as the ratings are updated as scratchings and track condition changes come in.

To find out more about our ratings suite read the ratings primer.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

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