Create an Oaks System and Win $100!

Doc is the winner of the Melbourne Cup system comp.  Check out his winning entry here.

So its onto the Oaks on Thursday.  Here are the systems that we have on the leaderboard so far.  Please add a link to your systems in the comments below:

To enter:

  • Login or create a Punting Form account.
  • Click here to go to the System Builder and create a new system.
  • To limit your hits to the VRC Oaks start with the following criteria:
    • Track - Flemington
    • Class - Group 1
    • Distance - 2500m
    • Race - Not on Saturday
  • The rest is up to you!  Apply your criteria to narrow your selection.
  • To see if your system has any runners for this year, save it, make it public and check for the upcoming runners badge on the public dashboard.

Prizes will be distributed to the systems that predict the winner from the least number of selections.

To claim your BetEzy free bet you must have a BetEzy account. Sign up here.

Good luck.


I Am Invincible posted this comment 11/07/2013 17:44:05 PM

Formulator well done on getting the Oaks winner, Kirramosa $2.90 I got. It was short but I ended up making a good profit on the race.

I Am Invincible posted this comment 11/08/2013 09:37:24 AM

I was on the Derby and Oaks Special which had 2 hits. The Oaks version didn't have any hits showing up when I looked at it which was on Wednesday so that is why I chose that one. These race specific systems are a great concept and it is good to have some very good bets in the big races.

Formulator posted this comment 11/08/2013 09:38:31 AM

Yeah! thanks morgan, it was no real surprise with the favourite winning, it's not often they go down in this event. I would be surprised however if other members systems didn't snag the winner as well. By the way, which of my Oaks systems were you on as you're not showing up in my list of subscribers ... I presume you did subscribe ?. In my *The Oaks* version it quinella'd the race out of 3 hits, and in my other "Derby and Oaks Special" version it just nabbed the winner out of 2 hits, although the latter is not showing up in the results publicly, but are showing up in the results privately for some reason ?.... I hope it's only a temporary minor bug and all my other subscribers did well for themselves out of the race also ... :)

Formulator posted this comment 11/08/2013 09:56:33 AM

Cheers morgan, I saw your reply after I modified my earlier posting ... It would appear Punting Form still has issues with notification/ results/ subscriptions etc, as I had issues unfortunately with my Caulfield Cup system as well. Yes these race specific systems are a great concept ... and rather fun too, although it has to be born in mind that there are only a very limited amount of race results to evaluate, so coming to any meaningful conclusions is always going to be tricky... again though they are fun and add an interesting angle to the site... with compliments to Brystar and SKEvans for their efforts with these systems as well.

Formulator posted this comment 11/08/2013 13:21:28 PM

FOOTNOTE : Just been in touch with Heath at Admin, and he has addressed or attending to address the above issues I brought up in earlier postings regarding notification/ result/ subscriptions etc .... and congrats too for Brystar who's Oaks system also did great in nabbing the quinella :)