New Staking Plans and Leader Board Options

We have introduced a number of different leader board options to stimulate some competition amongst our system designers and to provide some different perspectives on system performance.

Adjust the duration of time that a system reports stats on:

  • User Defined:  This is the old default time period which is defined by the system's creator.
  • Since Creation:  This option allows you to see how the system has performed since it was created.  It's fairly easy to reverse engineer a winning system but can it perform in the future? 
  • Last 3 Months:  This will give an indication of the recent performance of a system.  Many systems have been running successfully for years and are profitable over time but how are they doing lately?

New staking options to play with:

  • Flat Staking:  This is our old default.  It's been updated to reflect flat bets of $50 on every selection.
  • Proportional Staking:  Assumes a starting bank of $1000.  You bet to win 5% of your bank.  If a horse is paying $3 and your bank is $1000 you would be betting to win $50.  So a wager of $25 would be required.  The next runner would be calculated on a bank of $1050 or $975 depending on the previous result.  Maximum bet is $1000.
  • Kelly Staking:  This is a method for the hard core punters out there.  Our rules implement "1/4 Kelly" with a starting bank of $1000 and a maximum bet of $1000.  For a basic explanation of this staking philosophy and a handy bet calculator visit:  For a thorough run down: