Build the best Caulfield Cup system and win!

Our long term members may remember that last year we ran a series of contests in which we asked them to build systems that predicted the winners of the major Spring races. Those contests are returning for 2014 with more prizes and it all kicks off tomorrow with the Caulfield Cup. Make sure to submit a system today for a chance to win tomorrow!

How to Enter

Simply create a new system and begin by setting the Track to Caulfield, the Distance to 2400m and the Class to Group One. Your system must contain CCC in the title (short for Caulfield Cup Contest) so that we can easily identify the entrants. For example, you could name your system "Joe's CCC" or "My CCC Winner".

How to Win

Well, most importantly, you have to pick the winner! In the highly likely event that more than one system manages to do that, the winner will be the system that needs the fewest selections in the race to get it right. Should that also result in a tie, we will look at the last three years of historical data to determine our winner. 


Formulator posted this comment 10/18/2014 07:32:20 AM

Hi Tim, I take it that Caulfield Cup systems already established are ineligible for the Competition, and so new ones have to be created with "CCC" in the title ?... That being the case I hope that a copy of a reworded established system will suffice... Oh! and by the way, what is the prize ?... Thanks!

puntingform posted this comment 10/18/2014 10:10:53 AM

Hi Formulator. Recreating an old system with the CCC label is fine. We just want to avoid a situation where an inactive user might win with a system from a past year. As for the prize, I've just received the details and it will be in the form of one week of free ratings for all meetings nationwide (approx value $20).

Formulator posted this comment 10/18/2014 10:27:41 AM

Okay, thanks for that Tim. As you're most probably aware I have already created an extended version of my established Caulfield Cup system. So this will be my "competition" plan... Good luck to fellow system builders over the Spring Carnival with their competition systems :)