Formulator's Xmas Package

Formulator, one of Punting Form's most prolific and successful system builders, has a special offer this week for the festive season: subscribe to both his Time Factors (2014 Update) and Run For Your Money systems and pay for only one of them.

Time Factors is a six month old system that has delivered a 13.8% profit on turnover since creation using a proportional staking plan. The average winning dividend is more than $13 and while it hasn't performed at its best recently, the historical results over the last two years show a steady upward trend that should give subscribers confidence.

Run For Your Money is more than 10 months old and has performed best when using either a flat or Kelly staking plan. The Kelly criterion in particular has been successful with this system, resulting in a profit on turnover of more than 20%.

For the week of December 26th to January 1st, you can subscribe to both of these systems and $5 will be refunded to your Punting Form balance (leaving a total cost of $5 for the 2 systems). In the unlikely event that one of the systems fails to produce a runner, you'll get a further $5 refund on the package.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, simply subscribe to the two systems and then send an email to to arrange your refund.