System of the Week - 16/11

It was another tough week for the judges of our System of the Week as we had seven systems that finished with better than $30 returns (using our usual $1 flat staking method). Not only that, but there were several other systems who didn't quite reach that milestone but deserved consideration for other reasons.

We'll start with our biggest winner which was a result we discussed on our facebook page a few days ago. The Brok was a $57.50 winner at Kembla Grange on Saturday and was picked by thebaldman's Massive Wins & Places and two of Antz' systems: *Zero 2 Hero* and *20/1 Big Overs*. It wasn't a great week overall for the latter, but the first two of those systems performed well over the seven days and *Zero 2 Hero* by (Antz) had the 6th highest returns of all eligible systems with a final profit of $34.50.

Looking at strike rate reveals a few more systems that should get a mention. Many systems went 1/1 but shinza's on pace did so with an $18.20 winner as its only bet. In four months, that system has only had 36 runners but it has delivered a 46.1% profit on turnover using a proportional staking plan and slightly better than that with a flat plan. If you're just looking for a couple of tips per week, this might be a system for you.

Not quite perfect but equally as impressive was Wodderwick, a system by Andymac. It was 2/3 this week, which is the same as it did last week, and it has now delivered a 52.6% profit on turnover (proportional staking) since it was built 4 months ago. It's had 10 winners from 44 selections over that time.

With one $33.20 winner from two picks, Formulator's Focussed Females was among the more profitable systems (7th for total returns) and has a 14.5% profit on turnover after 15 months of results.

At the top of the returns table there were two systems that would have resulted in total profits of over $40 with a dollar on each runner. 2nd highest overall was X3 THREE TIMES by bigshot which had 2 winners from 8 runners this week for a profit of $46.50 if you'd placed 8 one dollar bets. That performance was mostly thanks to Desert Road which was a $51 winner at Moonee Valley.

Also picking Desert Road and finishing as the highest paying system for the week was Surgeon's Longshots, a system by Doc that has been around since April with mixed results. It had 18 runners this week and other than Desert Road, it also picked Vegas Luck which paid $25.60. Those two put it well clear at the top of the returns list with a profit of $58.60 (again, $1 bets) and make it our System of the Week for the week ending 16/11/14.