System of the Week - 17/8

Brystar's three top systems were all successful again this week, each coming up with at least 16 winners. **ENIGMA** was again the system with the most wins, scoring on 40 of 140 hits for a strike rate of 28.6% and a Return on Investment of 11.2%. $Pure&Simple$ picked 17 winners from 67 hits for a slightly lower strike rate of 25.4% but a better RoI of 15.5%. But the best returns of the three came from $$$Smash$$$Grab which had 16 winners from 51 system hits for a 31.4% strike rate and a RoI of 16.2%.

While all three of those systems had a good week, none of them actually featured near the top of the RoI standings. This week's clear leader in that department was a system that has just been treading water since it was created a couple of months ago but has started to deliver in recent weeks. Fore-For-Four is a system from Formulator and it delivered a RoI of 41.4% this week, nailing 11 of 31 selections for a 35.5% strike rate. The biggest win was at Doomben (Race 4) on Wednesday when Arawak came in at $17. It was picks like that one that helped Fore-For-Four take out our System of the Week for the week ending 17/8/2014.


Brystar posted this comment 08/19/2014 17:38:49 PM

Congrats Formulator damn fine system :)
well done

Formulator posted this comment 08/20/2014 09:21:46 AM

Cheers Brystar ... I'm always trying to come up with fresh angles to explore... Anyway your own systems have been going along very nicely too I see ... Good going there!