Systems Builder Updates Coming

Thanks for the feedback we have received from our subscirbers with respect to additional Systems Builder filters and criteria.

We expect to have a major update to the Systems Builder delivered at the start of June. All of the requests submitted are under consideration and we will be finalising the list for changes this week.  I will post that list here.

If anyone still has some more requests, please get them in quickly.


NeverSayDie posted this comment 06/17/2014 15:37:08 PM

Hi, I'm not sure if this has been mentioned but I think is really important is a 'Front Half' and a 'Back Half' of field. Thanks.

NeverSayDie posted this comment 06/17/2014 15:48:14 PM

Sorry I should have been a bit more precise. Say in relation to barriers - inside half - outside half. Finished - front half - back half. Handicaps - top half - bottom half. etc. Thanks again.