Top Builders Repeat Oaks Day Success

Two of the most successful system builders in the Punting Form community went back to back with their Crown Oaks Day systems yesterday, with both of their systems picking the winner with a minimal amount of hits.

Formulator's *THE OAKS* (Flemington) had two runners in the race, Crafty (who finished 8th) and the eventual winner Set Square. This was after having three runners in last year's race, the winner Kirramosa, 2nd placed Zanbagh and 8th placed May's Dream. That represents a 40% strike rate and a $260 profit if you had placed $50 on all five runners over the last two years.

Meanwhile, Brystar's Crown Oaks has been even more impressive. Last year it had just two runners in the race, Kirramosa and Zanbagh, giving it first and second place. This year it had just the one runner, making its strike rate an incredible 67% over the two years. Putting $50 on each runner would have put you $360 ahead which is a massive 240% profit on turnover.

You'll have to wait a year to jump on these two great systems but in the meantime, keep an eye out for more race specific systems from these two geniuses.