Systems FAQ

What happens if I subscribe to a system and it does not produce any runners?

Subscribers are refunded their subscription fee ($5) for any system that does not produce any runners in a given week.

What is the system builder's share of the subscription fee?

The subscription fees are divided evenly between Punting Form and the system builder. So the builder receives $2.50 per week for each subscription.

Do I have to pay to subscribe to my own systems?


How will I be notified when there is a runner for a system to which I'm subscribed?

Notification emails are sent out at around 4am each day. In the event that there is a system hit caused by a scratching or jockey change, an email will be sent alerting you to that fact. This email should be received within 10 minutes of the scratching/change being made official. It is possible that this notification may not be received if the change occurs less than 10 minutes before the race. You can also view all your upcoming runners by going to the Systems Dashboard (/account/systems-dashboard/) and selecting the Upcoming Runners tab.

I can see a horse in the system's history that I was not notified about. Why didn't a receive a notification?

It's possible that the horse in question only met the system's criteria due to a late scratching or jockey change. If this occurred within 10 minutes of the start of the race, there may not have been time for the system to be reprocessed and a notification sent out. Also, as the notification emails are sent out in the early hours of each morning, you will not get an email for a system to which you have just subscribed until the next day. If you have just subscribed to a new system, you should check the Upcoming Runners tab on the Systems Dashboard for that day's runners.

I received a notification for a horse, but that horse does not appear in the system's history. What happened?

Some systems have qualifiers that must be manually checked before a horse is considered to have met the criteria. Examples of this are track condition and starting price. Subscribers to a system such as this will be notified about runners that meet all of the other criteria and then must check the track condition and/or starting price to see if the horse qualifies. If the track condition or starting price do not meet the requirements of the system, it is not considered to be a "hit" and the horse will not appear in the system's history.

How can I determine whether a horse meets the manual qualifiers before placing a bet?

If a system has manual qualifiers that need to be checked, an exclamation point will appear next to the race code. Hover your mouse over it to view the criteria that need to be met.

Track Condition: Systems that depend on track condition can be easily checked by visiting the latest form page for the race in question (/form-guide/) and seeing if the current track condition meets the criteria for the system. Track condition can be upgraded or downgraded during the day, so it is possible that a runner's eligibility will change. 

Price: When a system requires a runner to be within a certain price range, it is sometimes impossible to be sure that the horse is going to qualify right up until the start of the race. In these cases, you may need to exercise your own judgement to determine whether a horse is going to qualify.

Jockey: Sometimes a system features jockey criteria but a rider has not yet been named for the horse. In these cases, you will need to check that the jockey meets the criteria specified by the system. This is usually just a matter of checking their win and/or place strike rates but could involve checking if the jockey is an apprentice or has a history with the horse.

How are the final prices determined for the system results?

We take the highest out of the official on course, NSW TAB and VIC TAB starting prices.

How do you determine which horse was the favourite if the bookmakers disagree?

As stated above, we take the highest price for each runner from the official on course starting price, NSW TAB and VIC TAB. The favourite is considered to be whichever horse has the lowest odds once we have determined this price.

e.g. Three different horses were considered favourites by three different bookmakers. We take the highest price offered for each horse and find that Horse A's highest price was $3.50, Horse B's highest price was $3.70 and Horse C's highest price was $3.20. Horse C would be considered the favourite.

When are the Upcoming Runners updated?

Usually before 4am each morning when the email notifications are sent out.

If I check my Upcoming Runners in the morning, are they going to change before race time?

Only if there are changes due to scratchings or jockey changes.

Where do you get your Pre Post prices?

They are from AAP.

How are the Price Ranks determined?

Prior to the race the price ranks are based on Pre Post price.  After the race, the price rank of reported runners are based on the official on course starting price. It is difficult to get selections 100% correct for systems with price criteria.  This approach was taken after much consultation with our users and is the consensus opinion.



pie2251 posted this comment 6 months ago

I Have Just Noticed The Format For Track Conditions Has Changed.
Will This Affect Systems That Depend On Old Data ie: DEAD TRACK ?

puntingform posted this comment 6 months ago

The old track conditions each have a corresponding new condition, so there shouldn't be any problems with your old systems. If you notice anything amiss, let us know by emailing

piratebird posted this comment 3 months ago

Where do you get your position in running stats from?

piratebird posted this comment 3 months ago

By the last comment I mean the Leader--Pace--On pace etc.